Monday, April 12

The week that was (April 4-10)

This week was quite ok though some surprises still came up.

Sunday: Got up early since my wife woke me up after a 6-hour sleep. Went online for at least 2hours before taking my 2-hour nap. Then we went back home to Manila in the afternoon. Before the night ended, we went to Llanas to pick up some groceries for my weekly baon.

Monday: Got up early to go to work but I was late by 1 minute. Why, because I got side-tracked on going online early at a computer shop in Buendia and I never expect that traffic from Buendia to Makati was very very heavy. My boss was not there but still I manage to do little tasks since I'm still under training. My wife called me in the afternoon to tell me that the camera is now ready for pick-up and I have to pay Php 2650. I got excited the minute I got the news that I can't wait for the next day.

Tuesday: With the excitement form the previous day, I went to Canon right away to pick-up my unit. That means after two months, I can take pictures again. But the transaction took longer than expected so I was late at work again by 15 minutes but my boss didn't mind at all. I was given a new task of doing this report but on a weekly basis only. Before I went to bed, I soaked my undies overnight so my wife could wash them before she goes to work the next day.

Wednesday: I wanted to avoid getting late at work for 3 consecutive days so I went to the office early but not without buying my copy of FHM for the month of April. And thank God, I'm not late. XD. Continued with my monitoring and report making tasks since I need more time to familiarize myself with the other Helpdesk duties assigned to me. When I got home, my undies were still there soaked so I did it myself. XC.

Thursday: For the second straight day, I got early in Makati. To pass time by, I ate breakfast (again!) at Krispy Kreme. I never expect my 2nd breakfast to be very pricey (Php 195) for a Kruffin, a Pull-Out and a small brewed smooth coffee. I got my own phone (plus my local number) but I still cant receive calls from outside. Probably it needs to be configured so I could be ready to take outside calls.

Friday: Got up early even if I didn't have any work for that day (Araw ng Kagitingan). Edited 2 more albums from the Photoworld Asia 2010 event and went online. Then, I did some laundry before taking a 3-hour nap. Went online in the evening to update my blogs and other facebook stuff.

Saturday: Edited three more albums from the Photoworld Asia 2010 event (One more to go) in the morning since my wife will be using the laptop in the afternoon. Did some laundry before heading to SMX for E-Games Domination 4. That was my first shoot in more than 2 months. I got really tired that day and I decided to cool-off with a glass of halo-halo from Chowking before heading home. I also did some grocery for my weekly rations and bought ice cream for my wife since it was her birthday that day.

That week was really full of surprises. What would be in store for me next? XD

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