Sunday, April 11

My First E-Games Experience

Yesterday, I went to SMX Convention Center to attend the E-Games Domination 4 which this event is held annually. I was overwhelmed with the huge number of attendees who were there also. Perhaps some of them came earlier than I am. Good thing I went there with my friend Roj who has a sister working in SMX (We got inside the place smoothly).

This would be the first of my 3-weekend shoot fest as I got my camera back. It will help me get me back into the groove in taking pictures plus it will give me the opportunity to improve more where I left off. My mind was set to shoot a lot of cosplayers since its more of a cosplay event but instead I got more of these.

Asa Gabriel

Kat Ballada

Risha Sotto

I would say the event was quite Ok considering the number of people who attended plus I find it a little bit disorganized. But that would be my opinion anyway =P. Oh well, I have to go to SM Megamall to cover Ozine this time. XD

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