Wednesday, April 14

FHM Autograph Signing March 2010: Bangs Garcia minus Iwa Moto

Ms. Valerie "Bangs" Garcia

Yesterday, my mind was all-set to attend the autograph signing of FHM's Iwa and Bangs though it was a month late (no thanks to conflicting schedules). Even if our magazine was already sined by Bangs (Iwa should have also signed it no thanks to the bouncers) during the FHM X party, we still attended the event to have our copy also signed by Iwa.

Hours before the event, my friend told me that Iwa wont be able to make it due to sprain. It was even posted in her Facebook account. That made us even more sad but still, we have to attend to catch-up with our friends. I logged-off at 6:02pm to catch the bus going to Robinsons Galeria. It was still rush hour then thats why I got there at around 7:00pm.

The event has already started

As I hurriedly went to the movieworld, I noticed there was no line at sight at the KFC area. For a moment I was thinking that the autograph signing was already finished and people left off. To my surprise, the place was not that filled with people. Its like just a regular autograph signing. I was like, why. We know that both Bangs and Iwa are few of the hottest in the TV screens today that even if one of them is not available, the other would be able to make sure that the crowd was there. I didn't mind at all because I don't have to wait and fall in line just to get a glimpse of Bangs. My camera will be put into a test whether or not the problem in its auto-focus will be fixed. After my turn to have my magazine signed by Bangs and have my photo taken with her, the pictures were quite OK. No signs of oof (out of focus) pictures taken though I still need to practice more on how to position myself to get a good angle.

 Gamely posing for photographers.

What I noticed is that even if the line was too short, the bouncers were still strict up to a point that probably Bangs herself. Also, they (bouncers) dictate on what page could Bangs sign on the magazine. On my case, the bouncer said its only the front cover but I made sure to have the page where she would sign be open. And come on, who needs bouncers if the people who will fall in line to have their FHM's signed are disciplined enough to act in front of other people. I have nothing against them but its better if they stay in clubs where they could be really helpful.

 Happy Fan! XD

After the event, I spend more time with my friends over dinner, exchanging funny stories with what happened with whom before heading home. Even if I am tired the whole day, I went to bed that night smiling knowing that another event has been conquered. XD

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