Friday, April 9

My Three-Weekend Shoootfest

Current Mood: Excited

Now I have my camera back, I need to sharpen my skills (or should I say re-sharpen) for me to be a better at my hobby. It has been more than two months since my last shoot (at the Photoworld Asia 2010). My camera was at its worst back then due to auto-focusing problem. But now, it would be different. My camera's auto-focus function is now Ok plus they also changed its shutter button. It will make my shooting much better now. By tomorrow, I'll be a better and smarter photo-hobbyist this time and make sure not to commit the same mistakes again.

This would be my activities for the next three weekends:

April 10: e-Games Domination 4
April 11: Ozine Fest 2010

April 17: Cardiology Autoshow 2010
April 18: Manila International Auto Show 2010

April 24: Aliwan Festival 2010
April 25: 19th Transport Show

After these, I hope I would gain enough learning experience to move up to the next level and at the same time, enjoy what I'm doing. Now I have to go to bed early. XD

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