Thursday, April 15

A close call (after my first two calls in almost two years)

Current Mood: Shocked

A few minutes have passed after my 2nd call with one of our clients in Singapore. Actually I haven't been taking in calls that much since I was transferred to QA with my previous company I've worked with. It was like a rendezvous with the telephone talking to someone outside the country asking for help with his/her PC. I hope there won't be anymore calls for the day since I've had my handsful  already. XD

Earlier this morning, I received a call from the US about her VPN Account being locked-out. I was able to help her out with her problem but I wasn't able to create an AMER ticket because everytime I put her details or choose the AMER on the selection, it creates an APAC ticket instead. So in the end, it was my office mate who created the ticket on my behalf. I just send an email to my manager in the US to resolve the problem.

Then this afternoon, I received a call from Singapore (the one I mentioned a while ago). It was about her Lotus Notes (email). I felt a little bit rattled since I am not very much familiar with Lotus Notes (moving forward, I'll find some tutorials for this). Also, I missed on asking some important probing questions that could have resolved the issue much faster (I resolved it with some help in 14 minutes). I could have fixed it in less than 10 minutes but I guess my troubleshooting skills (as well as my communication skills) needs to be polished again within the shortest time possible to regain back a valuable skill that I have before.

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