Tuesday, February 23

Stall #9

It has been 10 years since the last time I ate at this place. It kinda made me reminisce the times that when I fell hungry, there is only one place I go to eat breakfast (or lunch).

That was summer 1997 when my college friend told me about this place. I tried their Lechon Kawali since that was the only available from the menu that time. The serving was more than enough for me to handle especially with 3 servings of rice plus their secret chicken sauce, it was like heaven on earth. XD

As semesters go by, I visit this place more often even if I am all by myself. Even if I lose my saving here that time, it was all worth dining for. But as my schedule shifts to the afternoon, my visit to this place became seldom until I wasn't able to visit it again.

After my graduation in 2000, life went on and sometimes I still visit my Alma mater to get some papers or attend some events there but usually its in the afternoon. Whenever I pass by that place, its already closed. I was hoping I could eat there once more and savor the food of the past.

As I browse the internet, I chance to see this fan page for "Manang's Fried Chicken". I pop-up a query if they are still operational. They replied in a matter of minutes and I got excited for no reason. Then opportunity came, I don't know what hit me. All of a sudden, I went back to Intramuros to check for myself if the eatery that I've been dining since college is still there. And they are still there. The taste of their fried chicken, still doesn't change a bit. Though their price have increased, its still fine for me since the increase didn't hurt my wallet that much. To give you an Idea, the cost for their meal (viand + rice) costs only 50 pesos. more than 10 years ago, my meal there (viand + 3 cups of rice) costs 32 pesos. When I order my meal, it won't cost me 100 pesos even if I ordered a litro of Mountain Dew. 

If I would come back there again, I would definitely post pictures(probably within the next few weeks or months).

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