Saturday, February 20

Broadband Tests

As of this moment, I'm writing this in our bedroom here in Sampaloc. My wife and I decided to get Sun's 3-month lock-in Wireless Broadband.

After getting this laptop almost a week ago (a separate blog to follow), we looked for several feedback from Smart, Globe and Sun. My wife has been using Smart Bro in her office thus we tried it last Tuesday. However, the connection was so slow and it gets disconnected very often (since we were using prepaid then).

Then last Thursday, we went to SM Manila to apply for a post-paid broadband wireless at Smart but their wireless center there was under renovation. So what we did we went straight to Robinson's Place Manila hoping there would be a Smart Wireless Center there. Good thing the security guard told us where we can find it. It was already 8:05pm then when we entered their center. The security there almost didn't allow us to go in but with my wife's persistence, we were given a ticket number. It took us at least an hour and a half before we were entertained. The staff was ok and answered all our questions though I am not 100% convinced with some of them. We left the mall at almost 10:00pm. We waited for yesterday for their response but to no avail because their system was down.

Then last night, we borrowed kuya's Sun Prepaid Broadband. It was OK though I'm expecting downtime due to internet traffic. We checked for feedback regarding Sun Broadband at a forum for feedback. Though I got mixed feedback, I texted my friends for feedback and most of them are using Sun Broadband

This morning, we went to Robinsons Galleria to apply for a Post-Paid Wireless Broadband Connection. It didn't take an hour to process our application and we spend less than 2000 pesos to have our wireless broadband activated. When we got home, we tried it and we were able to go online without any problem. I am expecting for the worst but definitely were hoping our connection gets faster and faster as time goes on.

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