Tuesday, February 2

SSS means Social Security Sucks

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As much as possible, I don't want to post any rants on anything but I can't help it since I was really irritated on what happened yesterday. Here's how it goes:

I woke up yesterday morning at around 7:00am to prepare myself to go to SSS for my ID application. I even skipped breakfast at home just to leave early. My wife told me the night before that I could apply for my ID at the SSS branch in España. Upon arriving at Welcome Rotonda, I took breakfast at KFC since I know it will be a long day for me. After my meal, I went straight to SSS in España but as I set foot inside to inquire, the security guard told me that ID applications are at the Diliman branch.

A little bit clueless on where it is, I moved forward and ask on how to get there. I rode a taxi going there to save time (though money was wasted a little bit). As I reached their office in East Avenue, this is where it all began (on my ranting)

I got my application form and my number (897) at their Booth 3 while they were just serving around #550 then. I don't really mind the waiting since there a lot of people applying for their SSS ID as well as those who were availing of their services. Probably I've waited for almost two hours before I had my turn. When I submitted my requirements, the lady asked some questions pertaining to my requirements. She even asked my birth certificate when in fact, i have my 2 ID's with birth certificate with me. She asked me to have my postal ID photocopied which I promptly did though it was not mentioned on the requirements that I have to photocopy my ID. As I came back to the counter, she mentioned that I have to photocopy my Postal ID as well. Based from what I understood, she didn't mention that one. So I have it photocopied again but she didn't made her instruction clear that I have to photocopy both sides of my postal ID. At that point, I was really upset to the point of shouting. But thanks to my menthoc candy, I still have my cool. Then after I have all my necessary IDs photocopied, she mentioned that I have to be back after 5 working days to re-apply since my SS# was only temporary. I asked her why my SS# was temporary, she mentioned I lack some necessary documents back then which I hardly remember. I was really shocked because, I am working for more than 7 years only to find out that my SS# is not my actual SS#. I felt I've wasted my entire morning for nothing. But atleast, I will be prepared after 5 working days to reapply. By the way, there were other applicants as far as from General Santos City who were denied of their SSS ID Application. These people could have been a little bit considerate as well as they should have made their requirements clear that IDs are needed to be photocopied.

Probably I might write a letter of complain to the President but I'm sure it will just be piled somewhere.

And there goes my first post for February.

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