Friday, February 19

What is a Real Photographer for me?

Just got this from this website. He has a point btw =P

A real photographer are not those only who have PRO Accounts in Flickr, nor those who just own an expensive DSLR and lenses.

A real photographer is not measured by how many of your photos appear in the Explore page of Flickr. It appears there simply because Flickr wants you to stay and maintain a PRO account with them.

A real photographer are not those who study photography, nor those who did not study at all.

A real photographer does not rely on his expensive cameras to capture a good photo. His camera whether it’s the cheapest disposable camera or the Mark III are only an extension of his mind. He start to see a good photo not from the viewfinder but from his imagination.

A real photographer is not bound by photography rules. He is willing to jump outside the box of photography rules and make his originality.

A real photographer does not depend on good locations to photoshoot to have good photos. For him every place where he stand is the best location.

A real photographer does not depend on expensive Speedlights to capture good toned, shadowed pictures, but knows that nature has already provided him the best lighting.

A real photographer knows that he has to shoot thousands of photographs to have a handful of good shots.

A real photographer is not deceived by camera manufacturer’s glittering ads that their CAMERAS are the best.

A real photographer does not get flattered when someone appreciates his work, but was very happy when somebody criticizes his work as for him this is an opportunity for improvement.

A real photographer spends most of his time to appreciate the works of others than his own.

A real photographer knows that the best camera ever created was the EYES. Every person who has a pair of good eyes owns the best camera in the universe.

A real photographer does not brag, and does not expect his work to be appreciated by others, as he do photography as his soul. He is ashamed to show his soul and only obliged to show it to a few privileged person whom he know more.

A real photographer feel awkward brandishing a big DSLR and long lenses and still dream that technology could shrunk DSLR like a matchbox.

A real photographer does not care discussing the best models of cameras in the market rather he practice his skill on what he has, not what he dreamed to buy.

A real photographer appreciates technology advancement on newer camera models, but still rely on experience as the best teacher in honing his skills.

DISCLAIMER: Do not take this seriously, and do not believe this as this is only to test your EMOTIONAL MATURITY as a photographer. Take it lightly and go, stare your camera, caress it, love it, and most especially get an EYEMO, place a few drops in your both eyes, and see the world in your BEST CAMERA you ever have. You are the best photographer in your own category.

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