Monday, October 12

A year in DSLR Shooting.

Today marks my official 1st year of taking photos using my own DSLR Camera. Though Ive tried to use DSLRs from some of my friends, it really felt different having your own. I have been taking photos as early as 2003 (using my dad's Ricoh Film-Based Camera) before buying a new cellphone last October 2006. Then by July 2007 I started to use a Point-and-Shoot Camera courtesy of my fiancee. 

Then, last year (Oct 12, 2008 to be exact), I was surprised again by my fiancee who purchased this camera secretly. I know I could only have a camera like this in my dreams since I dont have the money to buy one (and even if I had, I have to prioritize other things first). Once she gave her gift to me, I started using clicking the shutter and take beautiful photos from portraits to landscapes to events to macro.

Having that camera was no walk in the park. We even argued about it and I was about to surrender it back to her when we changed our minds then (cant tell the story about it).   

Then day by day, I started to grasp some techniques of some known photographers as well as my friends who were into photography longer than I am. I have learned a lot from them in a short span of time. And as I reach this milestone, I felt somewhat improved. But I know, my skills needs more improvement. When I tried to take pictures for 100 straight days (I'll make another blog for this), I know, there's more to be learned. Probably, I'll add photoshop to my expertise while capturing vibrant moments in my DSLR.     

For today, I'll just enjoy the moment and shoot. XD 

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