Saturday, October 10

FHM Autograph Signing: Valerie Concepcion

If only I was able to attend the autograph signing last July (but I wasn't able to because it was my last day before my terminal leave), my streak could have been extended. But anyway, its my third straight attendance since August and I'm looking forward to duplicate that streak or even surpass it.

 The stage has been set
Anyway, I attended the FHM Autograph Signing a while ago at Robinsons Galeria where FHM covergirl Valerie Concepcion will sign our FHMs. I had my latest FHM with me but unfortunately, I forgot to bring my July 2006 FHM where she was also the covergirl.

I still remember the night that we met her for the first time during the UNO Lounge Party dedicated for her. However, we weren't able to have our picture taken with her because of an unfortunate incident where an old friend was involved (as a consolation, she went out of the VIP room for a while and sign our magazine (UNO plus FHM and MAXIM on the side).

Moving forward, I arrived at the venue at around 4:30pm since the event would start by 5:00 pm. I was able to meet my friends there like Ralph, Richard, Rod, Robin, and Vince before the event started. As Valerie went up the stage, I immediately took pictures of her as well as my friends. We made sure to have a small talk with her while she signs our FHM during our turn as well as had our pictures taken with her. Valerie was so nice and bubbly that day that made us took more pictures of her while goofing around. Though she didn't sign all of the pages I marked for her plus her signature inside the pages consists of her initials with a heart, I didn't mind it much since I was able to get a glimpse of her up close and  personal (but this time, we were able to have a small talk).

We wanted to stay at the event longer but our stomachs tell us that we have to eat. And before we left, we made sure all of us were smiling since our FHM was signed by Ms Valerie Concepcion. TCVC. XD 

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