Friday, October 9

Strongest Out

Though I wasn't able to blog the first few tribal counsel (since I am more interested with the merge), I'll make sure to write down (whenever time and funds permits) how I interpret the game. I have been a fan of survivor since its first US episode and I make sure to watch whenver time permits.
   Since I began watching its Philippine Version last August, I stayed home and as much as possible and avoided staying out late so I could complete its second season I was a little bit intrigued back then on how the Filipino version would fare against its international counterpart.
   As I browsed through websites, Marvin was one of the early favorites because of his strong character. It was evident during the third tribal immunity challenge, Marvin showed a strong will power not giving up for the sake of his team (koror). And during the next few tribal immunity challenges, he made sure his team would win to avoid tribal council.
   It was during the merge of two tribes that Marvin was transformed to an easy target. After Shawn won the first individual immunity challenge, it was time for them to form alliances with other tribe mates to plan a strategy on how to eliminate Marvin. He knew he was very vulnerable since most of his tribe mates assume that he was the strongest among them. And during last nights tribal council he was the first one to be eliminated and became first member of the Jury. I would expect that Tara will be voted off first since most of her former tribemates doesn't like her for her tactless attitude.
   And since they were able to eliminate a possible Pinoy Sole Survivor out of strategy, I wonder who they will eliminate next. Would it be the 2nd strongest? The most annoying? Who knows...

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