Tuesday, September 15

Nth Encounter with Cristine Reyes

Yes, this would be the 4th time that we would be meeting Cristine Resyes in person as FHM hosted another autograph signing for her since she was the covergirl for September. It has been 2 years and a month since the last time she graced the cover of FHM and even had 2 autograph signing sessions (I have attended only the first one).

Going there from SM Megamall didn't take us that long being a Sunday. Together with my Fiancee and some of my good friends, we arrived there at around 5:30-5:45pm and we were quite surprised that the line is already long (tailend at KFC). We see some of our good friends already lined-up and ready for the signing. Usually, we used to be always first in line or within the first 10-20 people in front but it did't much matter if we have to wait for a while before our turn. 

While waiting, there were two promo girls giving out samples of Cobra Energy Drink and took some to quench our thirst (Their booth is located near the stage). And we spotted Ryza Cenon adn EB Babe Saida while were in line. Then Sam YG (aka Shivaker) began hosting the event signaling the start of the much awaited autograph signing.

As the autograph signing started, we tried to take some pictures of her while waiting for our turn. And it almost took us an hour before we were able to set foot on their stage. But before that, we were informed by the FHM staff that Cristine will be sign the cover ONLY. Most of us (as well as the autograph signing veterans) were surprised about that policy. Will they bring that old rule back? I hope not because if they do, a lot of people will vent out. Moving forward, I was able to a have a small talk with her and tell her how long we've waited for her to cover again for FHM. I wanted to ask her if it was a special request that she would only sign the cover but I'd rather not ask. I thank her for signing my FHM (another priceless FHM added to my collection), and more importantly, have our picture taken. I looked a bit small in the picture since Cristine was wearing high heels that time. XD

After most of us were done with the signing, we tried to take photos of her once more for a few times before we left the stage. We even saw EIC Allan Madrilejos himself and thank him for getting Cristine to cover once more. Some of us even asked why Robin Padilla did not have an autograph signing. We parted ways after dinner with a smile on our face waiting for the next FHM Autograph Signing. ^_^

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