Monday, September 21

Flashback (Dutdutan 2008)

As far as I remember, Dutdutan is a tattoo expo with live bands that play mostly loud music. For that year (2008) they have included a car show (they called it Cruzin Nyts) and a bikini contest for the audience to have a reason to stay put and stay longer.

For 250 Php, you would be able to enter the events venue, plus one free beer (courtesy of Colt 45), 50 Php discount on their souvenir (T-Shirt from tribal gear), and they made sure we stayed there until almost midnight.

I went there together with my good friend Alex who was at that time, the only one on our group that has a DSLR (I was just using a point-and-shoot back then) but didn't prevent me from taking good pictures ad well. Before the bikini contest started, we took some of the cars on display for Cruzin Nyts as well as the graffiti contest.

We spotted some celebrities like Nancy Castiglione, Maggie Wilson, and Even Dylan from NU 107.5 was also there. We have our pictures taken with them as well as had some small talk as usual.

Dutdutan was not that crowded as expected since only a few would appreciate the art of tatoo (as the objective of the event implies). At around 4:00pm, we were inside the venue watching bands play their brand of music.

We stayed there long enough to watch at least 8-9 bands play plus we were able to take photos of them. There was also the bikini show that most male (and some female) spectators watched and feast their eyes on. 

As I finish this, I'm preparing to collect my thoughts what happened last Saturday night at Dutdutan 2009. So stay tuned. ^_^ 

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