Saturday, September 12

One Big Bite

After attending the Y4IT at UP Diliman, I decided to look for this burger joint named Bite Club. It was raining non-stop that day but it didn't stop me from pursuing it after reading about its biggest burger from this month's issue of FHM.

It took me at least an hour and a half to reach Bite Club (that includes wondering around Katipunan area). I even passed by Monasterio de Sta Clara that time and my feet were almost soaking wet (my mistake for wearing my chucks that time). Good thing, it took me one jeepney ride and one cab to get there since I have to study the location of the place.

As I enter the place, I noticed that the space of Bite Club is just small and I thought Its floor area could be the same as your regular burger joint area. The cooking area is on the left side of the entrance (IMO, the cooking area is at the back of almost any dining area. After ordering their famous XXX with the works, I went up on the second floor to take a breather and rest since I've been almost soaking wet.

When my burger was served, I was shocked. "isang dangkal ko yung diameter nung beef patty nila at one pound." I tried to eat it with my hands but it was impossible for me to hold that humongous burger. And it took me almost two hours to finish the whole thing. After that, I was extremely stuffed and I could almost barely stand after eating.

The day ended with me stuffed but smiling since I was able to eat another one-pounder burger. XD


  1. I passed by this burger joint a few times before. Looks like I'm going to eat there! I'm a fan of big, meaty burgers :)

  2. That's one big burger! Nagmukhang baby yung quarter pounder na burgers!

  3. Whoa, that's a humongous burger. As in gooble gooble ka dyan. Looks yummy though.:)

  4. Wow, that burger is really big! :D Would love to visit Bite Club some time soon! :D

  5. ang kamay nga naman...hahaha..parang takam na takam na talaga!hahahaa...

    dropping by from Pinoy Bloggers Food Com Ex. :D

  6. wow ang laki ng burger sulit! too bad ang layo dito

  7. well maybe it will take me half a day to finish that big burger 'coz I'm a slow eater :D

  8. how was the price? :) I've tried burgers that big and had to take home the other half hehe.


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