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Top 10 Most Annoying People on Facebook

I just passed by this site since I remembered something about the most annoying people in facebook on the news. I couldn't help it but to agree to some extent. This came from the link: (

Enjoy ^_^

Facebook was the greatest social networking site ever when it originally launched in 2004.  There was no mini-feed obnoxiously “updating” you with irrelevant information and no high-schoolers or parents.  With the new facebook and an even further step in the wrong direction, it’s still the people that make it sometimes unbearable.  I can’t hate on Facebook too much though - TSF does have a facebook group.  I even have a Facebook profile myself - but I can 100% guarantee I do not constitute one of the people on this list.
Out of the say 500 friends you have on Facebook, you probably care about maybe 50 of them.  Seeing updates every 30 minutes from your first girlfriend in 7th grade is something I know I love logging in to.  It’s funny how much people think we care about their lives.  Why else do you think we enjoy movies so much?  Because the average person’s life is a bore-fest.

10. 1000+ Pictures Self-Tagger
picturesTagging yourself in a picture is acceptable to a limit.  Use your discretion.  But having 1,000+ pictures of yourself is not only lame, it’s unequivocally narcissistic.  We know your cool with your 2,000+ friends list - we don’t need to be reminded by 1,000+ pictures of you standing in front of your mirror striking poses and eating dinner with your friends.

9. Parents/Teachers quote Mean Girls: “seeing a teacher outside of school is like watching a dog walk on its hind legs”.  Getting a friend request from your Geology professor is not only creepy and unsettling, but it’s annoying.

8. Embarrassing Photo Tagger
embarrassingRespect people’s privacy.  We’ve all been there:  hammered and unaware there’s a camera around.  Don’t act like you haven’t passed out on a toilet naked with a German hooker once or twice.  It’s just common decency to not plaster these images across the internet of your so-called friends.

7. Internet PDA Couple/Kissing Profile Picture can’t even begin to express everyone’s disinterest in your love life and seeing you playing tonsil hockey with your lame boyfriend.  But I guess anything is better than your past few profile pictures including a beer bong, short skirt and keg stand, “finger in the mouth seductive look” or a combination of all three.

6. Creepy Guy Who Somehow Figures Out Your Last Name should be some sort of friend adding rule.  It’s extremely taboo If I meet you in class and only told you my first name, then I get home to a friend request from you.  This immediately earns you a spot on my “creepy” list because you obviously searched for my last name for hours on my network search.

5. 30-Minute Status Changer DOE is walking my dog then meeting the girls for lunch!!!”  No one cares.  Is that difficult for these people to understand?  Your life isn’t interesting and people on the internet have no interest in what you are doing today outside of saving a baby from a burning building or developing a cure for cancer.

4. The “Kissing Face” Girl (a.k.a. “Pucker Face”)
4a. Gang Signs picture you take you pretend as if you are kissing someone.  Why?  I’m not sure.  Is this sexy?  No, it is not.  Maybe you’re self-conscious about your lips not being full enough and you overcompensate for this by puckering up in all of your pictures.  And the gang signs have got to go - you’re a 19-year-old Caucasian female from an all white suburb in a Sorority - trust me, it’s not cool.

3. On-And-Off Relationship Changers’s funny when people think that we care if you are still in a relationship.  This goes back to the “your life is boring” theme of this post.  You aren’t famous.  You and your boyfriend aren’t J-LO and whatever marginally talented guy she’s boning.  If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are on and off, do us a favor and  just leave your relationship status blank.

2. High-Schoolers shouldn’t be allowed to have a social networking page until you are 18.  Getting a friend request from your 13-year-old cousin or having your younger sibling on Facebook is just obnoxious.  It’s kinda like walking into a 21 and up bar - we don’t have to worry if the chicks are 18 or not.  Same should go for Facebook.  It’s a win-win.

1. The Philosophical/Political Note Writer/Political Propagator are annoying enough in person, but some dude from my freshman year English class waxing political is extremely dissatisfying.  Writing a note every 2 days about how Obama or McCain sucks isn’t going to change anyone’s opinion - it’s just going to further solidify your place in life as an arrogant asshole.  This goes the same for the people who create political groups and send invites to everyone on their friends list.  I appreciate the enthusiasm - but leave your political insights at the proverbial internet door.

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