Friday, January 2

Swabeng Thoughts: A letter from my mid-life self to my quarter-life self.

Its kinda weird for me to write a letter to myself but after reading some blogs on why they wrote to their old self, it was like, okay. So here goes. 

Hey Quarter-Life Bro, 

Its been like a decade since the last time we've talked. How did it go from there? You know, there were things that I wanted to look back and think about what if you were able to do the things I do now. Kinda weird huh? Well...

I know you really enjoy life just I do now. But I wish that you were able to save a portion of your small earning when you used to teach at that school in Las Pinas. While you were earning just enough for you to spurge on food trips and gimmicks, you shouldn't ask for money from Mom and Dad since you're already earning on your own. I mean, you used to save when we were back in college but what happened after there? You see, I've been saving a few years ago which you should have done it sooner. You could have been a millionaire and be richer than me If only you have started investing in either the Stock Market or in Mutual Funds with as low as 1000/month. But anyway, I'd help you on this only once though I only have twenty five years to help you. Its up to you how you'll make it grow. Probably next time, teach Marien the concept of money (like when she's 8 or 10 y/o). I'll probably lend you some books I've purchased on personal finance. 

I know your Dad is really proud of you when you finished your course in only four and a half years and passed your board exams. You were really ecstatic that you forgot to continue learning some more tricks off your sleeve that you were totally dependent on your diploma and that PRC license of yours. While passing the Board Exam and getting Cisco Certified a few years back could give you a certain advantage, today's technology has a faster pace. So fast that you forgot to renew both of them and got mixed-up somewhere. I really liked working in an IT environment and I wished you have joined me sooner. We still have a few more certifications to take plus the ones that you need to renew. I'm sure you still want that CCIE title someday right? Or maybe you wanted more like taking the LPIC (Linux) that got me interested? Anyway bro, let's review together soon. 

We've been together through tough challenging times especially when dealing your dilemma with women. I know you've enjoyed their company when you were younger like I did, had a few heartbreaking moments that I know it took you a while before you recover. I was able to overcome that sadness when my wife (your future wife) came into my life. She had my heart beat faster and slower at the same time just like a quote from the movie "Hot Chicks" She may not have that Angelic Face and a Heavenly Body that I was dreaming when I was your age, she complemented me in almost all aspects and she can make me laugh the way I do to her. I'm sure you'll find yours in God's Time. But be sure she's the only one and no other else alright?

I've been hooked in photography for quite sometime now as well as blogging like you to basketball and playing video games. We can spend some time together like you teach me play arcade and I teach you to handle a DSLR camera. Then we can form a collaboration against the best in the country to show them how creative our minds are. Maybe when you get your own camera, we can take a photowalk within where I live now (its pretty more interesting there). Then I'll teach you to use Photoshop to enhance some of your shots 

But what we have something in common probably is that both of us need to lose weight. I mean seriously, both of us really weighed much that we should buddy-up in a gym or do some long 5K or 10K jogs like I did last year (but I wasn't able to sustain it). I know you were really a health buff a few years back unlike me which I need to face the reality that I'm getting older and older that I just hope my application for VUL gets approved despite my current physical condition unlike yours. Also both of us love to read. You with your mens magazines (FHM, UNO, Maxim, Rogue, Esquire, Playboy) while I'm more into books now. Just take care of my magazines back home for me and I'll send you some books on Photography and Personal Finance in a few weeks time. 

Anyway, I hope to see you soon somewhere, somehow, someday. And let's celebrate this over a bottle of Jack Daniel's and a case of San Mig Lights. XD 

Take Care, 
Your Mid-Life Bro

PS. Please take time to study on how to make our website earn more while I'm away at work ok. Buy a domain for us and I'll let you re-brand it as a gift to you. 

PPS. And please, make sure to start working on those backlogs as well so we don't get dumped with more. 

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