Tuesday, January 13

Swabeng Thoughts: Emotional Attachments at Work

I've been working with various industries for the past few years. Name it, I've been there and done that. Now, its only natural to make friends at work where you sometime spend time talking about more work and a few times non-work related. It helps you ease-up and let loose even for a while on any busy day. 

In my past jobs, I've meet different people. Some were just officemates, but some were the ones I can call friends. Like after work, we hang-out for a few hours with a few bottles of beer while singing in the videoke. Those were the good times and unfortunately, all good things has come to an end. 

I kinda miss those moments. Even if you're way too stressed at work, just a few hours with them would make the pain all go away. There were times that I'm kinda attached to those moments that I know it will just be a part of a good past. 

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Moving forward to the present. While I'm in good terms (kinda) with my colleagues here, its just its not there anymore. I mean, every time they would invite me to go out and have a few rounds, I'd make up excuses not to join them. Its weird for me to decline such invites to relax and hang-out with office mates. Eventually, they set-out their own plans (most of the time) and not include me anymore. I guess I'm kinda used to it that it works well on my part not to get too attached with my current colleagues at work. It also saves me from probably having the feeling of despair if (and only if) I'm not with the current company I'm working (only time will tell when). 

Though I've never burn any bridges with anyone, I guess they've already initiated that a long time ago. But anyway, life goes on and besides, I have more than enough friends to keep me sane (the same friends I've been with for more than a decade now). 

Oh well, its lonely working here all by myself, I wish I could go home after. XD

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