Thursday, December 25

Swabeng Thoughts: The long and unexplained hiatus.

Its been months since the last time I wrote something here. I got too busy with work, raising a very playful and mischievous daughter and been busy with doing new things. While I can write here at work (during off-peak), I couldn't as my resources are scarce. 

It was like the first time again for me to put something that would make me remember the sole reason why I write online in the first place. It was those random thoughts that was the last time running through my head and make me think again why I had to be away. While there were times that I was suppose to put something in this space, a part of me wanted to be away for sometime and had me too pre-occupied.

Seven (or more) months not writing anything my mind expresses was like a year or more for my seasoned blogger friends who keeps me updated through their respective facebook page. If they experienced what I'm experiencing right now, they might have deserted their space and simply created a new one (I'm still planning to buy my own domain someday).

But I guess it's not yet time for me to leave this space and start anew. Probably, I'd try to pick-up the pieces and continue where I left off. The question when will I be active here again lies on my will power to continue amid all distractions that comes through my way. 

Until then, I hope I could find the inspiration and the drive to get back to the grove and share a lot of things Swabeh!

Hey! Merry Christmas by the way. 

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