Tuesday, December 30

Swabeng Thoughts: The 2014 that changed my perspective entirely

The year 2014 was very much fruitful and meaningful to me. For me, 2014 was just a continuation of 2013 where I received blessing after blessing despite challenges and obstacles came along the way. 

On family, it was a sight to behold to witness how my daughter grow so fast that only a few years back, she's only crawling and utter simple words. And now she can do things on her own like taking a bath, brushing her teeth and even helping out with some household chores at home. Also, she can now speak a few phrases in English whether we ask her a question or she wanted to say something (Thanks Peppa Pig!). She can now read and write a few letters though with her reading, she sometimes messes it up (on purpose). What I like about her improvement this year is that she can do the Sign of the Cross as well as recite the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) with the guidance of her mom. But we still need to improve her social skills as she is kinda shy when dealing with other kids (or other people) for the first time. Well next year would be her year as we'll be sending to school so she could interact with other kids. I know she'll outperform herself for the best.

With work, things got better and challenging at the same time. From logging-in to facebook everyday at work, now I don't log-in to facebook at work and instead, check my updates at home (or on the road) from my mobile. I seldom visit forums that is not related with work in my workstation. Instead, I check work-related websites as well as a few personal finance related websites (blogs) on how to improve your personal finance and check other websites that would help me grow as an individual. Well every now and then, I check other websites on food and photography but its on a limited time only (meaning if I am terribly bored). Probably, I'll add book reading as a list of things to do in the office when things get very very boring but its better than doing nothing right?

Health matters, it's like dead even. Why? At the start of the year, I was very active getting up a bit early and walk around to reduce weight and get in-shape. But time passed and I wasn't able to keep it up with my target, thus the weight I lost during the start of the year gained back again. Eating habits got a bit worse until the end of the year which I was able to curb and limit thanks to my Doctor's consistent reminder on weight management (from 3 maintenance medications, its now down to 2). I got to limit my vices to almost nil (except for special occasions) but I need to limit my recreational visits as well, to keep my wallet happier. I always fail on this part but I'll do my best to improve here. 

On Blogging and Photography, I was almost at a complete halt on this. I mean, from my usual weekly/monthy posts and photoshoots, it was almost down to nil as my priorities have shifted. Shifted in a way that my iPhone got me hooked on the internet whenever I had the opportunity at home. That leads to piling up on pending things to do on both Blogging and Photography that I need to do something here fast. While I can't promise to limit my internet connectivity via mobile, I'll try to inject some creativity in my head again for me to be able to revive my other passions in life. 

On money matters, I was able to hit my target on completing my emergency savings. I got to learn a lot of things as well like investing in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Unity Investment Trust Funds and Variable Universal Life Insurance. I was able to fortify my learnings by attending free and paid seminars during the second half of the year. By the end of this year, I already have an Online Account for Stocks, two Mutual Fund Accounts (with 1 pending), one VUL (pending approval) and a decent emergency fund (good for 6 months). I could have saved much more if it wasn't to some things that well...I guess I need to limit it one step at a time. 

At the end of this year, I look forward that 2015 would not just be another year for me but also a better year for me (and everyone else). 

Happy New Year! 

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