Sunday, January 26

Swabeng Thoughts: A decade after quarterlife

I just celebrated my birthday a few days back and I felt it was just like yesterday when I celebrated my 25th. Today, its been a decade since I celebrated my quarter life and I haven't looked back since. Indeed, God gave me a lot of reasons to live my life to the fullest after a lot of setbacks I got especially ten years ago.

Back in 2004, I just quit a teaching job not knowing how would that year end up. Got a bit too lazy to move forward that I wasted an entire year doing almost nothing but going online surfing about useless stuff.

While I try to look for a decent job back then, I didn't seem to care to get serious about it and just let it go with the flow. It didn't seem to matter to me whether or not I get hired or not but its about living it one day at a time. 

That was also the year I met a girl that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. Like summer romance, it all ends on a sad note that I felt so depressed I had thoughts of ending my life then and there. I got to meet another girl during that year but It didn't erase the thoughts of the one that got away (not until I met my last girlfriend who happens to be my wife now). 

Anyway, the Decade's past has already been part of history which where I am right now, may not be possible if it wasn't for the mistakes I made back then. 

Now its time to embrace the good life and all the good choices it has to offer. Speaking of which, I'm halfway though my target in my daughter's account. 

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