Friday, June 14

Marien 365: Week 35 (Day 239 - 245)

Since I'm trying to get used to taking some pictures from a 5-year old digicam, please pardon some of my shots. XD

Day 239: Some of my bad shots. XD

Day 239

Day 240: She enjoys playing with her toys before we visited her doctor.

Day 240

Day 240: At SM Megamall. She wants to remove the battery of my cellphone so she could have all of my time to her only XD.

Day 240

Day 241: Enjoying her time on the stroller, I think. XD

Day 241

Day 242: Sleepy so early? XD

Day 242

Day 243: Feeding time before going out for some fun in the sun.

Day 243

Day 244: Playing with her toys while mommy is preparing her milk. 

Day 244

Day 245: Taken a few minutes past midnight under low light.

Day 245

More shots from the old digicam in a few days. XD   

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