Sunday, January 13

The Week That Was (January 6 - 12)

Sunday: Got up at past 6:00am as I went online to do some updating until 8:00am. Then I bought Sunday's paper and I was able to read all of them before Migmig got up. The entire morning was pretty much the same for the past few days as I was able to go online for an hour before I got back to have lunch. Then I joined my daughter for our afternoon nap and got up late in the afternoon. We did some grocery so we could go out and have some fun. I went online later in the evening before I went to bed to get some sleep.

Monday: Got up early so I could go online and update some of my posts. Migmig got up at past 9:30am and so is my wife. The morning was pretty much slow as I feed my baby some cereals for breakfast. She kinda liked it and I think she finished the entire small box. My wife wasn't able to report for work as she feels dizzy so she just stayed home. Nanay was the one who gave Migmig a bath. I took a bath after and spent the afternoon upstairs going online while my wife and baby had a long siesta. We got down at past 3:00pm to have lunch. By past 4:00pm, I got a call from the company I was applying for saying I have an interview tonight at 10:30pm. I was kinda hesitant to say yes as I don't feel well all of a sudden but eventually, I said yes just to get over with. Migmig and I went upstairs at 5:30pm so my wife could get her quiet time going online. I tried to get some shut-eye while my daughter plays with her mom's tablet keeping me awake for an hour and a half. We got back down at 7:00am as I got ready for my final interview. I had dinner first before leaving home at 8:30pm. I took the LRT2-MRT ride as I was hoping that Fully Booked at Gateway would still be open. When I got to Gateway, it was closed already. I arrived at Magallanes at past 9:30pm so I had to kill some time before going to the 5th floor at 10:00pm. The reception was packed with people when I got there but I just waited until 10:30pm. The helpdesk supervisor who interviewed me last Saturday was the one who led me into their room where I had a phone interview with their helpdesk manager based in the US. The interview went well though I felt I had some lapses on some of my answers. The helpdesk supervisor was somewhat pleased on how the interview went well. I left Alphaland South Gate at 11:00pm and went to Starbucks at Shaw Blvd. for some coffee and assessing what happened earlier. I was hoping I could buy FHM issue 150 at 7-11 but I couldn't seem to find one until I got home a few minutes past 12:00pm. I got to play my wife's tablet until I fell asleep at 2:00am.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am as my mom paid us a visit. By the time she have left, Migmig and I went to Nanay so she could get some morning sun as well as to get some exercise. When we got back, I made sure she had breakfast before she had her bath. By the time she fell asleep at 12:30pm, I fell asleep as well. We went down at past 3:00pm so she could have her late lunch. We went back upstairs at 5:30pm and spent the next hour and a half there before we went to Nanay at the stall. I grabbed some snacks at 7-11 and bought some marshmallows for my baby before we went back home at past 8:00pm. I went out to go online for an hour before going back home to call it a day.

Wednesday: Migmig got up in the middle of the night as she keeps tossing and turning on our bed keeping me and my wife awake for almost most of the wee hours. I got up at past 8:00am and went online to possible anticipate network cut-off due to the Black Nazarene Procession today. This would be the third time I'll be missing this annual event since I've attended in 2010. My wife and Migmig got up at past 10:00am which disrupts most of my morning activities with my baby. Nanay was the one who gave her a bath before she went to sleep at past 2:00pm. For some reason, I've been doing long naps in the afternoon for the past few days which should be used to lessen some backlogs in my blogs as well as post editing. When we got up at past 5:00pm, I gave my baby her late lunch. She was then hungry for milk which I prepared one on her bottle. Her uncle arrived a couple of minutes later and they went outside giving me some breather to relax and watch TV. My wife arrived home early which gave me time to go online outside early (I only go online outside if I need a faster internet connection). And for some reason, both cellphone and wireless broadband signal at home was working perfectly fine despite announcements of possible cut-off due to today's procession. I was suppose to sleep early but I had a hard time sleeping so I went online again to make myself drowsy before finally going to bed. XD

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am and I started to go online right away. I did some comment-exchange before updating some of my entries.My wife and Migmig got up at past 9:30am and our morning got busy all of a sudden. After Migmig got her bath, I took a bath as well to keep everything in place. Migmig fell asleep at around 2:00pm and got up at past 4:00pm which allowed me to go online and do some reading and stuff. When she got up, we went down to have lunch. I bought lunch outside as Nanay cooked string-beans (I have to lessen my beans intake to avoid joint pains XD). The rest of the afternoon was spent home before we went outside again to visit Nanay at the stall. My daughter played with delight before going back home at past 8:00pm I went out again to go online and had dinner at Jollibee before going back to call it a day. But I'm having a hard time again falling asleep so I went online for a few more minutes before going to bed.

Friday: Got up at almost 8:00am as my wife will use the laptop for her online work. Well I was suppose to get up early but for some reason I did not. I went down to do some dishes when my mom arrived. She was about to leave when Migmig went down as she got up early. She spent some time with her grandchild as I was able to do other things. I was able to put her to sleep at 1:00pm as I wanted to take my daughter out for some bonding time as well as do some personal errands of my own. It was a crampy FX ride to SM Megamall as I made sure my baby was alright. When we got to SM Megamall, I did some transactions before having my late lunch at Bo's. Migmig almost fell off the chair as she keeps on moving while sitting, something that I need to work on. After late lunch, I bought some magazines before heading to the supermarket to buy some beer but I noticed that people going in are wet so we had to stall for time for some more before buying my beer. We waited for our cab and got home at past 8:00pm with no traffic on our way. I quickly changed Migmig's diapers as it was pretty heavy already. I went out again to go online and had my quick dinner at Jollibee before going to bed. 

Saturday: For the nth time this week, I got up at past 7:00am missing at least an hour to blog a few backlogs. Anyway, I started updating some right away as well as adding up new ones making my backlogs break-even XD. I hope by February, I could start editing photos again for 2012 to lessen its backlogs. My wife and daughter got up at past 10:00am and we all had our breakfast by that time. I wanted to go online early but unfortunately, the shop was still closed until 2:30pm. By that time, I went out and online for 2 hours before going back home to take care of my daughter and spend some quality time with her. I didn't go out to go online for the night. Instead, I took some pictures of the beer I bought the other day as I'm planning to join this contest which I could win a 3 days and 2 nights stay at a five-star hotel in Manila. Migmig and I went to bed early at 10:30pm and hopefully, I could get up early this time. XD

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