Monday, January 14

Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

Coming from a family of beer and hard drinkers (since 1900's), trying something new is not my usual thing. I'm the kind of person that is pretty much contented with my San Mig Lights (I'm a proud drinker since 1995) whenever I'm on a drinking session out in a bar or at a friends house somewhere. And whenever there is an occasion to celebrate (be it simple or grand), expect bottles and bottles of beer being chugged down.

One rainy weekend here at home, I give these new bottles (San Miguel Lifestyle Brews) a try for me to be able to taste and appreciate each one of them. It would be a new and different experience for me since, I'm spending most of my time home. With my family in the living room, the dining room was all to myself. Nothing was special that night except that its just me and three bottles of beer. XD

One word for these 3 bottles: Swabeh!

While most beer drinkers would match their beer with their favorite food, I wanted to see if they (SMLB) also fit with some of the basic beer-food available to the masses. 

The first one I tried was the San Miguel Super Dry Beer. The clean, crisp and dry taste makes my drinking experience something I look froward to. Though it has a bitter aftertaste that reminds me of another beer (San Miguel Strong Ice), you can smell its flavorful aroma bottle before taking another gulp (nevermind its bitter aftertaste). What did I try together with the Super Dry? The good old roasted spicy peanuts served on a platter which I bought at a corner nearby. The feeling was nostalgic when I had this combo as I recall the days when we go to an old beerhouse back in high school. 

The classic beer-"mani" combo

Next one I tried was the San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer. Compared with the much bitter Super Dry, this one has a light and sweet taste that I think it could perfectly fit into any dish. Upon sniffing the bottle after I opened it, the aroma reminds me of San Miguel's Pale Pilsen which had influence me to drink early. I tried it with both leftover pork chop (pork rubbed with salt before frying) and some leftover baby back ribs and fries that I took home from the mall. Both of them tasted pretty well with the Premium All-Malt as it washes down the saltiness of the food I ate. 

With some baby back ribs

Personally, I like this pair.

Then finally, I got a taste of The Cerveza Negra. I've heard it from a few friends already as I had an initial impression that this is a ladies-beer for its chocolatey taste (as what a few people say). What made me more curious is that other say it can be paired with desserts, something that I find it hard to believe. By the time I opened my Cerveza Negra, and I immediately notice the aroma of roasted malt that had a hint of chocolate in it that was really good. By the time I give it a sip, I sense its bittersweet taste that complements the sweetness of the dessert I'm having which is a Banoffe Pie (my favorite). 

Care for some dessert and a bottle of beer?

One thing I notice though after finishing each bottle is that it got me full even if I haven't had dinner yet. Though for me, its a good thing just like the saying "Drink Moderately" as I keep my bottles to only three (given 3 Lifestyle Brews that I had). Three bottles is all I need to have this "Swabeng" experience.

With three more bottles left in the fridge, I'd definitely go for another set of food to pair with my new found friends beer.

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