Sunday, January 6

The Week That Was (December 30 - January 5, 2013)

Sunday: Got up early again as I went online until Migmig got awake. Again,my wife asked me to buy breakfast for her as she's still not feeling well. I bought also Sunday's paper for me to read before the turn of the year. The morning was pretty much the same as well as the afternoon as well. I guess its time to change the routine and try a different variety come 2013.

Monday: Got up at 7:00am and went online until past 9:00am. Migmig got up at past 10:00am for some reason then we went down after changing her diapers. The morning was pretty quiet as again, someone stole a tube of toothpaste here at our home. My wife was the one who noticed it and she told it to me. Our suspect left already as all of us knew who took it. Well, I believe karma would get into her though I don't believe in it. I was able to go online in the afternoon before coming back home to put Migmig to sleep in the afternoon. I almost fell asleep too but since I have my wife's tablet with me, it kept me awake playing some games. By night time, all of us helped in preparing for the Media Noche (New Year's Dinner) early as we set up the table for some drinking session. We had a pitcher of gin mixed with mango juice while watching The Avengers on DVD. By the time were done, I felt a little bit tipsy as I haven't had any hard drinks since Migmig's Birthday last April of 2012. I went to bed at 1:00am as my wife and Migmig were still awake spending some family time. Happy New Year!

Tuesday: This would be the first time I got up at 8:00am for 2013. A lot of firsts would happen again as I leave 2012 and its memories behind. I was able to go online until my wife and baby both got up at 11:00am. I got to spend the entire day with them as I put my daughter to sleep at around 4:30pm. I fell asleep also and both of us got up at almost 6:00pm. My wife and her siblings decided to go out but I declined joining them. I waited for them to leave before I got to watch some news and Twilight's Eclipse. They got back home at 9:30pm which I went out to go online before ending my day.

Wednesday: Got up at 7:15am as I started to go online again. This would be the 2nd day this 2013 that I wasn't able to get up at 6:00am which was my target for the year. I started updating some blogs as well as playing my online games. I kinda miss playing at least a hundred games in a day even before I got married. I guess I could do that again when I retire from work and Migmig starts a family of her own. She got up at 10:00am and we went out to look for something to eat (brunch). When we got back, I made sure she's well fed before he had her bath by noon. She fell asleep at the couch which I was able to put her into. My only mistake was when I went up to talk to my wife, I didn't went back quick. The result, my daughter fell from the couch and hit the floor. Nanay got up all of a sudden as she tried to comfort her. I was able to comfort her and we went upstairs so her mom could check if she got any bruises. Fortunately, there were no bruises nor bumps on her as I checked her head thoroughly. We had our late lunch before we went out to SM Centerpoint. When we got there, I bought her some extra pajamas to keep her legs free from insect bites. Then we had a quick snack at Razon's before coming back home. She fell asleep on my shoulders on our way home and I passed her to my wife so she could keep an eye on her. I was able to go online for an hour outside before I got back to spend the rest of the evening with them. I thought that Migmig was already asleep when I went upstairs but she was still playing and waiting for me. XD

Thursday: Good thing I slept a little early last night as I was able to get up at 6:00am. I went online right away to finish some online work. Well I did a few as Migmig got up at past 10:00am. If only I got focused on what needs to be done, I could have finish a couple of blogs. Anyway, I took Migmig down so we could have some breakfast. By the time her mom left for work, Nanay was the one who gave her a bath. We went upstairs so we could spend some time there and for nanay could do other things undisturbed. She slept at around 1:30pm and I was able to go online and do other things before she got up 2 hours later. I was able to take-in a call about a job interview this Friday at one of the companies I applied last year. I'm looking forward to learn from some interviews about the company. She had her late lunch before we went out to go to Nanay and spend some time there. When we got back, my wife has arrived home and I went outside to go online before spending the rest of the night with them.

Friday: Got up at around 6:30am as I have a scheduled interview at 9:00am. I made sure I had breakfast before leaving home at almost 8:00am. When I reached the MRT, my ticket was rejected for some reason (probably it has expired already) so I took the bus going to Magallanes. Traffic was pretty much okay as I got there early. But when I got inside Alphaland South Gate, the guard told me to wait until 10:00am. So I strolled around until 10:00am and went straight to the company I was applying for. When I got there, one of the recruiters said that the interviewer won't be arriving until 11:00am so I had to wait. Good thing I bought some magazines and a book to keep me busy. I had to take an online test that lasted for an hour before I got interviewed. The interview was pretty much short as they tried to bargain my requested salary. Anyway, the interview went well and they ask me to come back at 6:00am. I took the MRT ride to Shaw Blvd. and walked a few meters to SM Megamall. I had my late lunch at Bo's as I try to complete y stickers for their coffee book I'm eyeing for. I got home at almost 4:00pm which Migmig just got up from her nap and I worked on the laptop to send some important email. Her uncle took her out for a walk that gave me enough time to rest and enjoy the afternoon by my lonesome. I went online again before heading for bed though I had a hard time getting sleepy. Probably with the excitement I feel for my 6:00am interview.

Saturday: I had to get up at 4:45am as I have a scheduled interview at 6:00am. It took a while for me to get going as the morning was really cold and chilly. It was my first time to ride the LRT-MRT on a very early morning. I got back to Alphaland at 6:15am and went straight to the company. I waited for a couple of minutes before the Helpdesk Supervisor (who was suppose to interview me) arrived. The interview went well as he asked what I was doing before and we got 3 role-playing scenarios that I somewhat passed. He also explained their main duties and responsibilities as a helpdesk analyst which I'm sure I'll get my hands full once I started working. I left the building at 7:45am and had breakfast at Bo's and stayed there until 9:00am. I took the MRT to Cubao and LRT2 to Legarda and I got home at 10:00am. To my surprise, my wife and Migmig were still sleeping and they got up an hour later. I made sure Migmig was well-fed before I went online for an hour and a half. I got back and took a 2-hour nap with my daughter as I made sure our room was cool enough to withstand the humid temperature. When we both got up, we had our snack at Mc Donald's as her mom was pretty much busy online. When we got back, her mom just finished and took over
.   I went online again before going back home. Then I took some snapshots of the planners I've purchased before finally going to bed. 

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