Thursday, January 10

Marien 365: Week 4 (Day 22 - 28)

Day 22: Before waking her up, I saw her sleeping on her side again. Taken at a lower angle

Day 22

Day 23: I got a bit bored on this one. XD

Day 23

Day 24: The first time I took her picture with the aid of external flash. And her mom DIDN'T liked it even if I told her I bounced the light from the flash to the ceiling XD.

Day 24

Day 25: She just got up and looked straight at me.

Day 25

Day 26: She's having a bad day. Period.

Day 26

Day 27: Mom and Baby Girl upclose.

 Day 27

Day 27: After she got her vaccine and cried her heart out, I see tears starting to fall from her eyes.

Day 27

Day 28: I tried taking a picture of her foot but its hard to get close though XD.

Day 28

Week 5 is on the way. XD

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