Tuesday, January 1

Swabeng Photo Project to Start this 2013

As we start the right and with our fingers complete, why not start a photo project not just to capture moments this year but also enhance your skills as a photographer. But what kind of photo project would you like to start?

I was able to browse some tips from Photojojo and I'm sure you'd be interested in trying any one (or all) of his options given. Here are his inputs below.

1. Project 365: This is the time honored photo-a-day challenge, and it definitely deserves a mention. Fair warning: it’s not for the faint of heart. I agree that taking this project is not for those who doesn't have the passion to do it religiously. I was able to capture my daughter's first year and as she grows, its easily noticed in my shots. Most of her first were captured in my camera so I know I have a treasure with me already.

A part of Project 365

2. Project Life: If you’re crafty, this might be just right for you. Project Life is a scrapbooker’s answer to documenting your days. It’s almost like a grown up yearbook! Well it somewhat similar to my Project 365 but its more documented in here.

3. Project 52: Project 365’s baby bro, a weekly photographic project. Anything you can do with Project 365, you can squeeze into a package 1/7th the size. This is good for newbie photographers as it serves as a training grounds if you wish to do a project 365 soon. I might do this on a different subject using the same lens.

4. Pick an Object: Instead of committing to a specific time frame, commit to an object to record over time. I might say its almost the same with doing a time-lapse but I guess I have to give this a try personally.

5. Long Exposures: We take pictures that takes a fraction of a second to capture that moment. Why not try capturing that moment and instead use a slower shutter to see the flow of movement of people and object. You may google some tips on how to do long exposures. 

I think this was a 30-second shot.

6. Every Hour:  Instead of shooting every day, make it your goal to collect a picture from each hour of the day. This will flex your photographic muscles, and make you work with all sorts of conditions, like low light. Explore what photographs can look at at any time, light or dark, rain or shine. Give yourself a week or a month or even a whole year to do it. Establish as many (or few) rules as you want. This could be pretty challenging but I'm looking forward to start this project within the year.

Well, these are only a few projects you could start with this 2013. Do you have other photo projects for 2013? Let me know. ^_^


  1. These are great tips from photojojo especially for starters. I like the two photos you included in this post, shows you learned a lot. Your baby is so cute!
    The project 365 would be perfect for documenting milestones in life. =)

  2. i love that long exposure tips! i have tried that once before but never had a nice photo. might try this tips you mention above. I haven't use my camera for a long time xx

  3. Project 365 could be a lot of work. But I am sure the result would be all worth it. If only I have the luxury of time and proper equipment, I'll do one of the projects above. :)

  4. hey, this one is interesting, I might try some of these in the future. thanks for the advice

  5. It's really great that you were able to do your 365 days challenge. I'm lagging behind my own 365 days project in tumblr.

  6. I want to start my own stock photo website.
    Thanks for this advice. I will need to have a perfect photography skill.

  7. If I were a photographer, it would be nice to choose Project Life + 365 to document life's greatest stuff.

  8. I would love to try this.. but I first need to get a better camera.. :)

  9. Learning from this post.. cool tips on photography Mark :)

  10. Wow! a photo every hour? Hmmm... Not sure if I can also do that. goddluck!

  11. Great tips. I am one of those frustrated photographer. I wish I could capture good pictures like others.

  12. For me, if ever time will allow me, I will do some daily food photos :). Haven't tried it but for sure I will sometime soon.

  13. If ever I have time with photography, hindi na ako mahihirapan, eh your tips specially about long exposure will definitely come in handy.

  14. I am a frustrated photo enthusiast too, glad to read your post. Thanks :)


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