Monday, December 17

The Week That Was (December 9 - 15)

Sunday: Well, I got up at around 9:00am as Migmig was looking straight at me wanting to go out already. Still feeling hungry from yesterday's party. we had our breakfast at Jollibee and I got Sunday's paper before going back to enjoy the rest of the morning. After my baby's bath, I went out to go online until 2:00pm. We watched the Pacquiao-Marquez fight which Pacquiao lost (were still proud of you man). I just spend the afternoon reading Sunday's paper and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Monday: For some reason, I got up at 5:30am after I felt that something went inside my ear. I was able to clean it with my fingers and when I saw what time it is, I decided to get up and get started. I was able to do some blogging. I went down early to catch a few minutes of sleep until my wife and Migmig went down at almost 9:00am. Then it was a pretty slow morning for us as I was able to put Migmig to sleep at 1:00pm before going online. She got up at past 3:00pm and we went down to have lunch. Then its her aunt's turn to take care of her as I dozed-off again for some reason probably for an hour or so. Then we went out to visit Nanay and let my daughter walk as we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Tuesday: I got up at past 7:00am, which was way behind 6:00am. I was able to go online for a couple of minutes before my mom arrived to pay us a visit. she stayed for an hour before she left for work. Migmig and spent some time outside before going back home. Then by 1:00pm, my daughter fell asleep which means its time for me to get ready and leave for Makati to get my backpay. But I have to go to my mom's office to pick-up the CTC (Community Tax Certificate) she got from the Manila City Hall before going to Makati. When I got to Ayala, I head-off to Krispy Kreme first to get my free mugs but I forgot my card so I went straight to Grow to get my backpay, my certificate of employment and my copy of exit clearance. It didn't took me long to get a little portion of my back pay before going to Greif to visit some friends. After that, I went to Greenbelt to spend some time before having my late lunch/early dinner at Bo's and to have my card stamped for their coffee book. Then I bought some magazines with me before taking the bus home. Once I'm home, I simply enjoyed the night before going to bed.

Wednesday: For the second straight day, I got up late again. I went online as soon as I got into my senses before Migmig got up at almost 9:30am. We went out and deposited the check that I received the other day to add it to our existing account. We got back home at almost 10:30am as my wife was almost done getting ready for work. I was able to go online again as Migmig got her afternoon siesta. When she got up, we had our lunch before I decided to take Migmig to Robinson's Galeria to spend the afternoon there. When we got there, I took her to Toys R' Us to look for some toys and to let her enjoy the view. Then we had an afternoon snack at Bo's though my daughter doesn't want to sit still on her chair. We got back home at past 8:00pm as her mom arrived a couple of minutes later.

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am and started uploading some pictures for my blog. Good thing the weather is still cool as Migmig got up late. The day was pretty much the same for me as I was able to go online outside to be able to be more productive as well.

Friday: Got up at almost 7:30am as I quickly went online before my wife does at 8:00am. I took Migmig out for breakfast at Jollibee as she's already hungry. We were able to enjoy the morning before her mom leaves for work at almost noon. If only my wife gets up early, she doesn't have to complain anymore why she gets late for work. When my daughter fell asleep, it was time for me to get ready as I head-off to SM Megamall to buy some of her needs (diapers and baby wipes). It took me almost 2 hours just to get there as traffic was pretty horrible. I went to Watson's first to buy some baby wipes before having my late lunch at Bo's. I was supposed to update my personal expenses for the year when my phone ran out of batteries. Anyways, I got to read some magazines while having some lunch before I went to the Supermarket to buy some baby diapers. Then going home wasn't good either as traffic was pretty bad along Shaw blvd. When I got home, my wife wasn't home yet but my daughter was covered so I went out again to go online until 10:30pm. I was surprised that my wife was still out so I was the one who put Migmig to sleep. I fell asleep was well as it was a tiring day.

Saturday: Well, I woke up at 1:30am only to find out that my wife wasn't home yet. I tried to call her and she told me, she' on a Christmas Party and they cannot go home yet. A couple of minutes later, she got home while I'm online. I slept again an hour later and got up at 7:30am to go online again. XD. I let Migmig had breakfast the minute she got up from bed and let her play. Since her other aunts and uncles were home, they helped me out in taking care of her. I was even able to go online until I got back in the afternoon. My wife and I had a little discussion whether or not I accompany her to their company's Christmas Part. And eventually, I gave in. Besides, its free food at Sambokojin so it would be stupid of me to decline XD. It didn't took us that long to get to Eastwood though my wife and I had to get a cab at Katipunan. When we got to Sambokojin, all of us there were able to enjoy their food. I got to eat more compared to my last visit though I haven't tried their cooked food. After a hearty dinner, they decided to have coffee at CBTL to kill more time. We took a cab at past 1:00am the next day going home and I have a few hours before "Simbang Gabi"

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