Monday, December 17

Christmas Gift Ideas? Why not get these December Covergirls

As Christmas is just around the corner if you're running out of Ideas to give to your friend, officemate or simply to yourself, why not get some magazines to read and enjoy before the world ends (LOL!).

1. FHM Philippines (Meg Imperial): For the third time, FHM has fielded an unknown (to me) to be their covergirl. Upon reading the pages, it appears to be that she's one of the Kapatid (TV5) Talents that they were trying to build up. And she's only nineteen years old which means she's got a long way to go.

FHM December 2012

2. Esquire Philippines (Juan Ponce Enrile): He wants us to be happy ("Ang gusto ko happy ka") Issue should be more appropriate than "The Meaning of Life Issue". No offense to Mr Senate President, but if you ask me, I hope to see more lovely women in the cover of Esquire. =P

Esquire Philippines December 2012

3. Rogue (Lovi Poe): I'm thinking if this was Lovi's 2nd time in Rogue or not but I'm sure I would look forward to read its pages later. The cover was pretty classy and its done with taste too.

Rogue 2012

For both UNO and Playboy, let's stay tuned as I'm sure they're up to something before Christmas. XD


  1. Lovi has really made sexy mag covers classy. I also would like to know more about Meg Imperial and look forward to reading another chapter of JPE.

  2. I suddenly have this urge to sign up for a one year subscription for Rogue magazine :P


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