Sunday, December 30

The Week That Was (December 23 - 29)

Sunday: Got up early and I was able to go online somehow before Migmig got up. The morning was pretty much the same except that I had to keep an eye on our daughter as she slept in the afternoon. That was the time I was able to read Sunday's paper in the process. By past 5:00pm, we went to Gateway to spend the late afternoon there. We grabbed some snacks at CBTL as they still have the double-stamp promo. In no time, I have only one left before claiming a planner for my wife. We strolled around Gateway until our other relatives meet us up on our way home. When we got home, I took a breather before attending my 9th and last "Simbang Gabi" for the year. Then I went online for an hour and a half before going back home and getting a well-deserved rest.

Monday: Got up early so I could go online. Migmig got up early so I took her out for a walk and some breakfast at Jollibee. Her mom got up as soon as we got back home from Llanas. I was able to put Migmig to sleep as I fell asleep as well. We went down at past 2:30pm as it was our lunch time. Her mom was pretty much busy as I took care of our baby for the rest of the afternoon. I wasn't able to go online outside which compromised some of the things I should have done online. Well, I just went online upstairs when Migmig has already slept for Christmas. I went online as well until I fell sleepy as well.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I went online. Migmig got up at past 8:00am and we went out for some fresh Christmas air. When we got back home, her mom was still sleeping and got up a couple of minutes later. After Migmig took her bath, I went out to go online but the cafe I usually go to is still closed so I looked for somewhere else. The one I got into had the worse network connection ever. I got back home and spend the rest of the afternoon until Migmig got up. We attended the 5:00pm mass before going to Robinson's Magnolia to spend some quality time. By the time we got hungry, I picked Classic Savory for dinner. However, their slow service really agitated me to the point that I wanted to throw plates at the restaurant to express my disgust. Eventually, I had my dinner before going back home. Then I went online again before retiring to our bed.

Wednesday: Got up at 6:00am as I got a lot of catching-up to do. I was able to go online and update a few blogs before Migmig got up. I had to change her diapers for poo before we went down. We were able to spend the morning before I went out to go online for 2 hours to catch-up. When I got back, I had lunch before my wife and baby went down. Apparently, my wife fell asleep while Migmig was playing all by her lonesome. When we went down, my wife went online making me take care of our baby for the entire afternoon which is not bad anyway. We went out to make sure that we enjoyed the outdoors as well as the coolness of the season before I went online for the night.

Thursday: Got up at 6:00am as I got to go online early. For almost 3 hours, I was able to finish a lot until Migmig got up at 9:00am. I made sure she had breakfast before enjoying the rest of the morning. My wife left for work and let Nanay be the one to give our baby her bath. I was able to go online atleast for an hour.  When Migmig got up at almost 3:00pm, I took a bath and left for Robinson's Magnolia. When I got there, I had my late lunch at Bonchon before having coffee at CBTL to complete some stamps for my wife's soon-to-be planner. Probably I stayed there for an hour before going home but no without trying a shawarma from Jacob's. I didn't went straight home yet as I went online for an hour. By the time I got home, I had Migmig to take care of until my wife came home.

Got up at 6:00am as I got to go online early. But since I don't have our broadband yet, I got to test-edit some pictures on our other laptop and added a few actions to make my workflow much faster. I'll make sure to load all actions on the laptop just like the other one. I was able to go online at 7:30am but only for a short time as my wife needs to use it in the morning. My mom arrived as she paid us a visit and spent an hour there. By 12:30pm, Migmig fell asleep which gave me some time to update some backlogs and check on other things undisturbed. We went down at 3:30pm to have late lunch before they left. Her uncle took Migmig out for a walk as I got our home to myself for a couple of minutes. When they got back, I took Migmig upstairs for a few minutes before we went out to spend some time with Nanay. When we got back home, her mom was already home waiting for us. I left again to go online until almost midnight. For some reason, I went online again until almost 2:00am. 

Saturday: Got up late at 7:30am and I went online only for a few minutes as Migmig got up already. We went down at 8:30am as her mom is not feeling well leaving the bulk of baby-sitting to me for the morning. Good thing I was able to feed my daughter some breakfast and being a weekend, I had company to help me in taking care of my daughter. After Migmig's bath, I was able to have lunch before going out and go online for almost 3 hours before going back home. For the rest of the afternoon, I took care of Migmig and answered to her needs. We went out at 6:30pm to have some snacks at Mc Donalds before going back an hour later. Again, I went online outside before heading for home and spend the rest of the night. 

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