Friday, November 16

Things I've Learned from my Photograhy Mentor: Basic Photoshop

Last January 29 (2011), I was the second one to arrive at the studio but apparently I had no sleep due to my 6th night at work back then. Sir Jo told us not to bring our Camera as he will be discussing the basics of photoshop. While waiting for the others, I got to read again one of the previous issues of DPP (#4 or #5 I think).

This was one of my reasons why I decided to attend a basic photography class is to further enhance my know-how in editing an image as close to what my eyes can see. It is not enough for me to do auto-editing every time I edit my pictures. I wanted somehow to improve the way I edit pictures that I can consider worth posting and sharing it with others.

At the start of Sir Jo's class, I'm beginning to fall asleep but I had to keep myself awake as I may have missed some of the important topics he would discuss. With the help of probably more than 4 cups of coffee from his studio, somehow that kept me awake even for a couple of minutes.

He showed us first how to set-up photoshop to maximize its usage. I didn't know there was such a thing until I saw his step-by step procedure on how to optimize it. I'll probably do it one I got back home. 

Anyways, these are the things that I've learned from attending his fourth session on Basic Photoshop:

1. If you're doing color correction or retouching, you should view your image at 100% resolution.
2. Save your file as often as possible while working.
3. avoid using the "Auto Edit" mode. 
4. Global adjustment changes the image as a whole. 
5. Sharpening is the last thing to do before saving your image. 

Well, that's all I could share for now. You could visit Sir Jo's Webpage to learn more on Basic Post-Processing. XD

Last part on the works. XD

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