Thursday, November 15

Swabeng Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Before doing my 2nd movie review in years, I'd like to thank Azrael for the invite yesterday even if its on a short notice and to Jamba Juice for making this advance screening event possible. 

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If you missed watching any of the Twilight series (I missed Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1), It would be difficult for you to understand the last installment of the saga. Anyway, my opinion about the movie would be short and sweet. 

I like the cinematic opening of the movie showing the cast and crew behind the movie. The settings were pretty much laid back compared to other vampire movies I've watched recently. 

The story began as Bella enjoys her new life as a vampire along with its gifts. But with the birth of her daughter, Renesmee, the entire Cullen clan would be facing another threat. What I find it funny is that they are side by side with Jacob and his pack (of werewolves) as they face the Volturi in an epic battle that is for the ages.

With their daughter's life on the line, the Cullens would seek help from their allies to prove the Volturi wrong about a false allegation on Renesmee. Would their allies believe? Just watch the movie to find out XD. 

The battle scene was epic. Vampires and Werewolves unite against a foe that could change the course of their history. A lot of heads were pulled from their bodies as well as death to other werewolves but some of the important characters of the story have to die. Who died? Just watch the movie to find out XD.

With all the battle going on, the movie had a happy ending (Bummer!!!) which I wasn't expecting from a Vampire/Werewolves movie. How did that happened? Just watch the movie to find out XD. 

Overall, I wasn't that satisfied with the entire movie but hey, that's just me okay. XD

I was suppose to write this the minute I got home from the advance screening but my wife was using the laptop so I just wrote it just now. 


  1. I haven't watched it yet but I heard that the fight scenes were really classic. Will try to watch come weekend.

  2. Haha. So in the end, we have to watch the movie right?

  3. This was the one and only movie from the Twilight saga which I genuinely like! At the risk of giving away spoilers, the twist towards the end was BRILLIANT! :D

  4. Haven't watched it yet. :( I hope to catch it this weekend in theaters!

  5. I like Breaking Dawn part 2 because for me it has the right mix of action, comedy and romance. In the advance screening at Gateway Cinema, you can hear the reaction of how they loved the movie during the ending and after the movie has finished.

  6. One review that goes well with this film... BITIN.

  7. Sabi saakin maganda daw ito. Tsaka yung mangyayari sa huli.. wahehehe bawal sabihin baka magalit yung mga hindi pa nakaka panuod.

  8. I think Breaking Dawn would be better if it weren't split in 2. Maganda pa naman un twists.

  9. oh .hindi ko pa napanood.Late na late na ko. I have to get me a copy of this.


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