Tuesday, November 20

The Week That Was (November 11 - 17)

Sunday: With no sleep, I went online at a nearby internet cafe until 2:30am. Then I waited for almost 30 minutes to get a cab to Annapolis to Sir Jo's Studio. By 3:30am, we head-off to Mc Donald's in Tagaytay to have breakfast and had a meeting before finally going to Taal. By 7:00am, were in Taal already. It was a fun-filled day indeed though going back home took us another 4 hours. When I got home, I went to my baby and carried her in my arms. I relaxed a bit before having a warm bath and finally going to bed early.

Monday: I got up at around 6:00am still feeling some body pain from yesterday's prison riot. I was able to go online for almost 3 hours before Migmig got up. I was able to give her breakfast consisting of biscuits and bread before her mom gave her a bath. When my baby fell asleep, I used the other laptop to update some information I had from our new one. By the time she go up again, I went out to go online for a few hours before going back home and spend the rest of the evening.

Tuesday: I was able to go online in the morning before my daughter got up. We spent a good amount of time downstairs before her mom gave her a bath. After my baby went to sleep, I got ready and off to SM Megamall to check on the jobfair there as well as get my sister-in-law's tablet which has been unusable for weeks. When I got to Megamall at 2:00pm, I went to Starbucks first to fill-up some information for the jobfair before going to the jobfair site. It's pretty much boring as most were call centers (as always). No booth interests me so I head off to Dad's to have some merienda since I'm starving already. By the time I'm done with merienda, I strolled around again before having my second coffee while editing my journal and preparing for the coming ahead. I went home at around 6:00pm and by the time I got home, I went online for another hour. Then I enjoy the rest of my night with my family before going to bed.

Wednesday: I got up early so I could go online and do some updates. Then when Migmig got up, I made sure that her needs were attended for the morning. By the time my baby slept, I went online again to update some of my stuff before she got up at almost 3:00pm. By 4:00pm, I'm off to Rockwell Powerplant Mall to watch the advance screening of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 at their Cinema 3. I had to stop by at Fully Booked to buy some magazines to add in my collection. When I got to Rockwell at 5:00pm, I strolled around making sure to familiarize myself with the mall. By 8:00pm, I was already inside the cinema with a popcorn on my hand as I try to enjoy the movie. By the time the movie ended, I head for home but instead of taking a cab, I took the normal route which saved me some money. When I got home, I was suppose to go to sleep early but for some reason, I slept at past 1:00am.

Thursday: For whatever reason, I got up at 5:00am and decide to turn on the laptop to go online. By the time Migmig got up, we head to Jollibee for breakfast. A few hours after breakfast, I felt uneasy as I'm having chest pains throughout the day. Both Migmig and I slept in the afternoon and she even got up earlier than me. We went down at 1:30pm as her aunt gave her some lunch. I tried to fight the pain and I just moved as slow as I can to alleviate the pain. We practically spend the afternoon home as she fell asleep at around 5:30pm. I went online in the afternoon to catch-up before my baby got awake again. By evening, I felt a little bit better now as I went to bed and get more rest.

Friday: Got up at past 7:00am after hitting the snooze button on my mobile several times. I went online until 8:00am as I took Migmig down then my mom came for a visit. I was able to feed my baby with breakfast as my mom stayed with us for a couple of minutes before she left for work.   By the time Migmig got up at almost 3:00pm, I went out to have lunch before going online again to work on some of my blogs. When I went back home at 6:00pm, the door was locked and I guess they're having their nap so I went back and update some more blogs before going home at 8:00pm. My wife got home a few minutes after and we were able to spend our time with Migmig for the rest of the night.

Saturday: Got up at around 6:00am to go online until my daughter gets up at almost 8:00am. Then we went down and out to have some breakfast at Jollibee. For the first time, she didn't spit some of her food out while eating. I was able to put my baby to sleep after she took her bath. By 1:30pm, my wife and I head-off to Sucat to attend a funeral. I took us an about an hour just to get there and at the same time, I learned another way to go to Sucat without spending much time. When we got to Sucat, we spent almost 2 hours there as my wife was catching-up with her friend whose father just passed away. We had some snacks at KFC before going home. Then I went online for more than an hour before heading back home to spend he rest of the evening with my family. I even borrowed my wife's tablet as I liked one of the games installed there, I didn't notice it was almost 2:00am. XD

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