Thursday, November 8

Going for planner #7

As of late, some haters would probably post their thoughts and sentiments on why waste money on coffee just to get a planner. Who cares about these haters seriously? XD

If you ask me, there are only two things. Either they have a planner better than the ones launched at coffee shops (only a few would belong here). Or they don't have money to buy coffee to collect stickers for a planner (most would fall under here XD). 

Before you place your harshest comments, let me tel you this. I only visit these coffee shops if and only if I need a place to dump (XD) or if someone treats me coffee. Well another is that I visit them during sticker collecting season to get their planner. 

[Photo to be inserted here XD]

At the end of the day, I don't care what people say about these kinds of planners. I only have a few more stickers to go before I could get my 7th Starbucks Planner (out of 10 since its launch in 2004). I hope I could write something about it soon. XD

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