Tuesday, October 9

The week that was (September 30 - October 6)

Sunday: Got up early on a Sunday morning and so is my daughter. We went again to Gateway mall to have a cup of coffee at Krispy Kreme and to have my coffee passport stamped. We didn't spend much time there as my baby wanted something else. We got back at almost 10:00am as her mom was already up and awake. We put her to sleep before we were able to do other things. Then we had to choose between SM Manila and Robinson's Magnolia and we choose the latter. We got to Robinson's Magnolia at almost 4:00pm as we went to the basement to let Migmig play at Gymboree (I'll write a blog post about it). After an hour I got tired but our baby seems to have limitless energy so I take my wife and kid at the back of the mall for them to see how friendly the place was (I may write a blog post about this). Migmig ran around the grass and bumped to other kids as well. As its getting pitch black, all of us got hungry and wanted to have dinner at Yabu. But since Yabu was jam-packed, we looked for another place to eat until we ended up at Sumo Sam. I didn't bother taking pictures of the food as I feel pretty tired already from playing with my daughter, exhausting all energy chasing her left and right. We took a jeepney ride home as all of us were really tired for the day.

Monday: Got up early so I could take Migmig out for a walk. For breakfast, we ate at Jollibee to have a different taste as well as a different view. Our morning was pretty much the same though until she gets her sleep in the morning. I was able to go online for more than 2 hours before she gets up again.  When we got to SM Manila at past 3:00pm, I thought I could let my daughter walk freely but it seems she doesn't want to get tired easily (smart baby! XD). I had a cold cappuccino at Krispy Kreme before we took a cab home. It took me a while to put her to a 1-hour nap at almost 6:00pm. By 7:00pm, we got up and went downstairs to enjoy the rest of the night.

Tuesday: For breakfast, we had pancakes from Mc Donald's before doing some walking and went back home by 9:00am. I let my daughter sleep first before going online for around 2 hours. Then I decided to drop by at Gateway to have some coffee and stroll around to look for some good read. Only a few hours away from home is all I need to collect my thoughts and plan for the coming days ahead while sipping a hot cup of coffee at Krispy Kreme. Then I tried some grub at Taco Bell and it tastes pretty good plus its more affordable. I got back home at past 5:00pm and read some papers as well as did some dishes before my daughter got up and awake again. I sneaked upstairs to go online at 7:00pm to check on what's happening online. Her mom got home a couple of minutes later and joined the rest of us in enjoying the night.

Wednesday: I was up and awake as early as 4:30am to see that's going on after the Cybercrime Law of 2012 has been in place. So far, everything seems normal except for probably most people irritated with the libel-provision of the law. by 6:30am, I left for Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there but I had to eat breakfast at Jollibee first since I'm starving. When I got to HP, i gave my mom some stuff and she handed me some before I took a cab going back home. The weather wasn't cooperative that time so Migmig and I spent the morning indoors. After her bath, I was able to put her to sleep really quick and went online for a few minutes. After that, I wasted no time in getting ready as I had to be at SMX before 3:00pm. I got to SMX at around 2:30pm as I registered for the ManilArt 2012 Blogger's Tour (I'll write a blog post about this). By past 5:00pm, I felt I need to go to the restroom so I left the exhibit, making a promise to myself that I'll pay them a visit and do my own tour by Thursday or Friday. I grabbed some subs at Subway and went online for almost an hour before taking a cab going home. To my surprise, Migmig was still sleeping when I got home and its almost 8:00pm. I went online to check whats going online and check on our games. My wife came home a few minutes after and woke our daughter up. I continue until our connection got really slow. I joined them downstairs and enjoyed the rest of the night until probably 11:00pm as I went upstairs first to get some sleep. Tomorrow wil be another day ahead.

Thursday: Got up at past 7:00am and did my morning rituals before going back upstairs to go online for a couple of minutes and take my baby down with me. So far, the weather was pretty sunny as both of us bask under it and enjoyed as much as we can. After I put my baby to sleep again, I went online to continue some of my work. By past 12:00pm, Migmig was already up and awake. I tried putting her back to sleep but I wasn't able to do it as she keeps on getting up telling me she wants to play again. After she gets dressed (and so am I), we head first to Gateway via LRT2 to grab a drink before heading to her mom's office in Katipunan. Well my baby had other things in mind as she keeps on playing in her mom's office until 7:00pm. We went straight home after her shift and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Friday: Got up as early as 6:00am as I got to do my morning rituals before going online while Migmig was still sleeping. When she got up, I took her to Mc Donald's to have some breakfast there as well as I let her walk for a couple of minutes before we went back home to let her have her bath. After putting her to sleep, it was all systems go for me to do my plans for the day until my wife texted me as she forgot something important back home. This happened when I was on my way to SM MOA. I have no choice but to go back and get my wifes things. I took the LRT going to her office and hand them to her. My next problem was to get to MOA from Katipunan in the fastest way possible. I took the LRT2-MRT route before boarding the bus at Ayala going to MOA. When I got there, I took my camera out and head to SMX to attend the ManilArt 2012 (I'll write a blogpost for this). My eyes and legs got tired from enjoying a feast for the eyes and I packed-up and grabbed dinner at Wendy's. Took a bus to Shaw to attend a free screening courtesy of Nuffnang. I got to Edsa Shangrila mall at almost 9:00pm and I quickly registered to watch Taken 2. After watching the movie, I killed some time to get to Manila Hotel to make a reservation. I got there a few minutes before midnight as I saw a couple of people waiting in line to my surprise. Good thing I suggested to my wife that I'll go there tonight.

Saturday: By the time struck 12:00am, the queue at the Manila Hotel started to move. I'm 52nd on the list and I'm sure I'll be called by 2:00am or so. I just strolled around the lobby and took some mental shots of the place. Good thing reservations speed-up and in no time, my number was called. There was a little misunderstanding about the promo and   By 8:30am, I got up and awake as Migmig wanted to go down already. I took my time and did some morning rituals before taking her out for a walk. We had breakfast at 7-11 as I let her enjoy some siopao. By the time we got back, her mom was pretty busy getting ready with our stuff as we will be visiting my folks in San Pedro. We left home at past 11:00am and took the bus going home. We got there at 2:30pm as my mom was waiting for us. We had our late lunch before we did some groceries. When we got back, I tried putting my daughter to sleep but to no avail. We let her walk along the neighborhood where I grew up and I see the happiness in her face as she doesn't have to compete with vehicles on the street. Dinner was served early (just the way I prefer) and Migmig was put to bed at 8:30pm. I was able to go online until 11:00pm as my body feels so heavy and I am sleepy as well. 


  1. hindi ka nmn masyadong busy? lols

  2. Nyahahaha! Wala pa akong trabaho nyan. Imagine how busy I would get if I'l still working =P


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