Tuesday, October 9

Swabeng News: Supreme Court issues TRO Against Cyber Crime Law

For now, our freedom to express our opinion without fear is back, for now after the Supreme Court issue a Temporary Restraining Order against Cybercrime Law. After 15 petitions have been filed, we have our freedom back, for now. 

Taken from Google

The respondents to the petitions - President Benigno Aquino III, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., the Departments of Justice, Interior and Local Government, and Science and Technology, the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation – were given 10 days to submit their comments on 15 petitions assailing the law, which critics deem unconstitutional (Which is after the Libel-clause has been inserted). Oral arguments has been set to January 15, 2013. 

Here's how Cybercrime Law was created until stopped by the Supreme Court (Photo courtesy of Rappler)

Voting was unanimous which means the Judiciary are still for the people (?). But still, we have to be vigilant and be more cautious as they may find a way to put it back using all possible means. 

For more update on the Good News, you may check the following links here, here, here and here

It's good to know that our voice over cyberspace is still safe and sound (for now). 

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