Tuesday, September 18

The week that was (September 9 - 15)

Sunday: After Migmig and I got up, we went outside to do some walking before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I let her use a spoon and fork so she could practice her motor skills as well as her hand coordination. When we got back home, we bugged everybody so they could get up and keep going.After Migmig's bath, my wife took her turn as she went off to Divisoria leaving the baby-sitting chores to me for almost the entire day. Good thing my in-laws were there to take turns in taking care of her while I was able to have lunch and do other things as well. My wife came back home late in the afternoon and I told her its her turn XD. By night time, I feel so tired but I still got to read Sunday's paper before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early at almost 7:00am as I had to do some errands as my wife and her mom will be going to Divisoria to buy our new mattress for our room. When Migmig got up at past 8:00am, I got to take care of her the entire morning. At that point, I got to shout at my baby for her uncontrollable behavior but thank God, I didn't hit her. Yet, I need to control my temper so I don't need to shout at her again. I know its bad and I'm a bad daddy for it.Eventually, I'll learn a lot from taking care of my daughter soon enough. When we went upstairs, I turn on the aircon as its pretty warm in our room and by the time my daughter fell asleep, I was able to go online for probably two hours. By 2:00pm, she got up again and wants to play with her daddy. Nanay went upstairs to feed her lunch. I finished some chores and dressed up as I took my baby to SM Manila for some quality time. When we got to SM, I had to settle some accounts before looking for a place to eat. Since I'm starving, I had my late lunch at Inasal Chicken Bacolod and feed my baby some as well as she's asking for it. Then we had ice cream but I didn't give her much as she's not yet ready for that. Before we went home, we did some grocery as I let her ride the cart while buying some things that my wife needs. Then we took a cab going home which was the best thing I did for the day as it was pretty dark and it could rain any minute. I didn't notice that my baby already fell asleep on my lap that gave me some challenges on taking her home as well as my heavy bag. When I took Migmig upstairs, it started to rain hard. I was able to go online for an hour probably as even thunderstorms didn't wake my sleeping baby up. Not until she got hungry anyway. Good thing my folks arrived one by one until I was able to go online for a while before going to bed.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 9:00am as it was raining the entire morning that made all of us stay in bed and enjoy the weather. When we went down, all of us got busy especially in taking care of our baby. By the time she went back to bed, its almost noon. I went to SM Centerpoint to check if there are shirts for Dutdutan 2012 but they ran out of stock already. Instead, I had lunch at Hainanese Delights and I loved their tofu that complemented my lunch. I took another stop at Tribal in Farmers but they don't have Dutdutan shirts of my size (XL/XXL). My last pitstop was at Krispy Kreme to get some caffeine fix before heading to work. I got in the office at 3:00pm and set-up my PC. I had a call that was pretty urgent as she has to be in the hospital after office hours to give birth. She kinda stressed me out that she should have instead took care of her health first and put aside her office problems later. What stresses me more is our network connection that is extremely slow the fact that we had a 100Mbps connection here in the office. I wonder who's doing some hanky-panky here =P. For dinner, I got out and head to Paseo Center as I wanted some sandwiches from PBCo as well as some coffee (from Krispy Kreme) for accompaniment. When I got back, I enjoyed my dinner while waiting for the clock to strike 11:00pm. Then I took the next bus and head home. I went online for a couple more minutes before calling it a day.

Wednesday: Got up as early as 7:15am as my mom paid us a visit. I went down to do some morning rituals and my mom took Migmig down and spend some time with her. My wife went down shortly to do some chores before we went out for some fun in the sun. After breakfast, we went back and spent the rest of the morning watching TV before my baby's bath. By the time I went upstairs, my baby was still playing and I told her to go to sleep. By 11:00am, she fell asleep, so am I and I got back up at past 12:00pm. I had lunch outside before reporting for work with some pit stops along the way. I got in the office late but not like the other day. I set-up my PC and off I work. I got to resolve some tickets via email while doing my  usual stuff online. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna miss this once I'm gone from Greif. I went out to have dinner at Chicboy before grabbing a cup of coffee at Krispy Kreme then going back to the office. I just waited for my colleague to arrive at almost midnight before logging-off and took a cab going home.

Thursday: I got up late at almost 9:00am and I started doing my morning rituals. But Migmig got up at 10:00am while I'm trying to go online for a couple of minutes. She may have overslept but enjoyed every minute of it. I took her down and spent the rest of the morning there as my wife do her usual morning chores. Even by my lonesome here in the office (plus my boss) our network is so freaking slow. I think our connection at home is much faster. Eventually, our network speed-up again. I had dinner at Chicboy for the 2nd straight night plus a cup of coffee for nightcap before heading back to the office. Though it would affect my right foot, I got to enjoy the benefits of coffee anyway. Work was pretty much steady as I got to do some tickets and calls before calling it a day. I took a cab again since its almost midnight already and I feel very sleepy too. 

Friday: My daughter and I had breakfast at Mc Donald's after we did her morning walk at Nanay's stall. I let her work on her skills to hold a spoon and fork properly. Sometimes, she gets a little bit stubborn which at times our food goes to waste. When we got back home, her mom was up and doing her share. After her bath, I put her to sleep before getting ready for work. By 2:00pm, I just arrived at Rockwell Power Plant Mall to buy some tickets for UTT10 (Rockwell 2) though I need to find where I the Admin Office is. When I was able to determine where it is, I made a quick transaction before finally heading to the office. I hope by the time Migmig is around 5 years old or do, I'll take her there (with her mom) so we could enjoy our stay there more. When I got to the office, I got a little bit busy with work as I got to do some tickets coming off from emails.  Dinner is at BFast for the last time as they have a scheduled renovation within the next few days as well as enjoyed my last dinner over there. I didn't noticed but I spent 2 hours for dinner before going back to the office. Work was pretty much steady as I got to do requests and some tickets. I left the office at 11:45pm hoping I could get a cab pretty quick. Instead, most cab drivers took advantage of the situation by being picky with passengers. If I only had a gun with me, I would have shoot those picky drivers in the head. Instead, I took the long way back home and I got home soaking wet at past 1:00am. I took a quick bath and dried-up while online before going to bed at 3:00am.

Saturday: Got up at almost 9:00am as all of us slept at around 3:00am early this morning. We wasted no time as I got to get a bath and leave home by 11:00am. But when the bus got to SM Manila, it was pretty much flooded that I had to drop-off at Lawton even if the area is flooded as well. I took the LRT to Buendia before getting a cab to Rockwell to attend The Ultimate Taste Test 10: Rockwell's Second (I'll write a blog about this). I stayed there probably until 6:00pm before heading off to Timog to attend a blogger's event c/o Comida x Spaoay (I'll write a blog about this). After having a massage, we were treated to a videoke session (I'll write a blog about this). By midnight, I took a cab heading home as my tongue and foot was hurt the most for the day. I hope by the time I get up the next day, I would feel much better.

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