Tuesday, September 4

The week that was (August 26 - September 1)

Sunday: Got up early as I took Migmig out for a walk before having breakfast. Then we got back to wake her mom up to get going. We were suppose to leave home early but since my wife moves pretty much slow, I need to do some changes. We took the LRT ride before taking a cab in Cubao. We got at BGC at around 3:00pm and we went straight to Elias to have lunch there. After our long lunch, we spent more time outdoors as I took some pictures of my daughter while running into a new environment and let her mom catch her. I took time to take her to different spots along BHS Central which was my wife and my baby's first (its my second BTW). As the sun sets, we took a cab heading home as all of us got so tired even Migmig fell asleep. When we got home, I went out to go online to catchup before going to SM Centerpoint to do some additional groceries. I got to reading Sunday's paper as well and went to bed.

Monday: Migmig and I went out to do our morning routine of walking before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. When we got back, I helped my wife in cleaning our room as it collected lots of dust from the last time we had our general room cleaning in November. After cleaning the room, I took Migmig upstairs so she could get her nap. While she's sleeping, I got to do some cleaning of my own and read some of my magazines that I've bought as I make sure the aircon is on so my baby sleeps soundly. When Migmig got up, we went to Nanay to have my baby walk. We had some snacks at Mc Donald's as she's hungry already. When we got back, I went online for almost 2 hours to catch up before going back home. I enjoyed the rest of the night before going to bed as I've got work for the week ahead. 

Tuesday: Again, breakfast was courtesy of Mc Donald's after having a walk with my daughter. Before going to work, I made sure my baby was already sleeping. On my way to work, I grabbed some magazines and a book by FHM from Fully Booked at Gateway before heading off to The Landmark for lunch at Sisig Hooray. I arrived late but work was pretty much steady as my colleague was doing most of the damage. I grabbed coffee from Krispy Kreme for me to keep myself awake while doing some comment exchanges from different blogs I visit. Dinner is at Chicboy even if I don't feel hungry as I wanted to eat on time unlike when I'm home in Sampaloc, meal time differs depending on what time Nanay cooks. Work was pretty much boring as I got to do some comments exchange instead for the past three days (Saturday-Monday). After shift, I took the next bus going home even if I feel very sleepy by that time.

Wednesday: For the 3rd straight morning, Migmig and I had breakfast at Mc Donald's for me to kill some time so my wife could get some additional rest. Then I took her to Llanas to do some groceries before heading back home. I left home at 1:00pm as I forgot to charge one of my batteries for the shoot. By 2:15pm, I'm at SM Mall of Asia and went straight to Sweet Inspiration to have a Mongolian Buffet for lunch. I thought I won't be able to finish my second plate but I stayed there long enough for me to be able to finish everything as my tummy went round again XD. Then I strolled around MOA and I got to see an interesting exhibit from Lego that was pretty much different from the exhibit I saw last year (I'll write a blog about this). I forgot to charge my batteries so I had to do a stop at Starbucks to have it charged. Thank God there are plenty of electrical sockets to plug my charger to while killing some time inside. Also I have to wait some of my friends there as all of us would head off to 1Esplanade to attend UNO's UNOversity event (I'll write a blog about this).After the event, we went to the nearest Shakey's to share stories and spend more time joking each other. I took a cab on my way home as my friends dropped me off along Edsa-Shaw Blvd. When I got home, my wife was fast asleep so I went online until 3:00am since I won't be reporting the next day anyway XD.

Thursday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I am expecting that my mom will pay us a visit. When Migmig and I went down, my sister was there as well. Good thing they spent more time at home which helped me do other things as well as I let my baby wake her mom up. Then we got busy again as Migmig's bath was already in the works. After that, I took a breather before putting my baby to sleep. I was able to go online once she slept but only for a few minutes as I need to go somewhere else. I went to QC Circle to attend the opening of an Orchid Show as a good friend of mine invited me (I'll write a blog about this). After the opening ceremony, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant as we share stories. The people I am with are an interesting bunch as I got to listen to them and we parted ways at almost 9:00pm. With time to spare, I got to spend some personal time at Starbucks along West Avenue as I think and plan what to do after my contract ends. I know I won't be generating income but I wanted to be productive in one way or another. By 11:30pm, I took a cab heading home and went online until 2:00am before finally going to sleep.

Friday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I feel so tired and sleepy as I didn't have enough sleep for the past few days. I took Migmig out for a walk and she seemed to enjoy it. I had breakfast at 7-11 and bought some bread for my baby but she had some other food to eat so we went back home. However, she still wanted to go out  so I had to take her out sparingly. We went to other places that she seldom visits so her eyes would have a different view to see. Then my wife give our baby a bath while I rested for a while before doing some chores, When I got up to put Migmig to sleep, I was a little bit surprised that she slept early so I was able to get ready for work. I know I'll be by my lonesome for my shift so I played some Cafe Land as well for the first time. Its pretty much enjoying as I was able to level-up as high as I can.By dinner, I had wagyu at BFast but I didn't had as much as I can because there's no one in the office so I had to eat as quickly as I could. Well work was not that much as I waited for my colleagues to arrive before heading home, but not until almost 1:00am as I got hooked on this new game (cafe land) XD.

Saturday: All of us woke up late at 9:30am. I did some morning rituals before taking Migmig out to Llanas to do some groceries. When we got back, her mom got up as well so I was able to feed her some breakfast. Since my baby took her bath late, I had to take a bath for work after her. Going to the office was pretty much fast and smooth as I was able to grab a cup of coffee at Krispy Kreme and went straight to the office. I warmed up my laptop as I started playing Cafe Land again XD. It was pretty challenging to manage not one but two games as I need to play my wife's cafe for a period of time. I got a call that I need to figure out how the problem started and what would be the best fix. In the end, I got to fix the user's issue ^_^. I did some photo editing as well to lessen my backlogs but with some upcoming events I feel that I need more time to do this XD. Dinner was at Jollibee and I ate dinner good for two person XD. I wanted to go home early but my colleague arrived late at almost midnight so I had to wait for him while playing cafe land. I took a cab heading home to get the rest that I needed.

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