Thursday, August 16

What’s Involved In Being A Leader for SKWWPW 2012

Though I don't have any plans to lead a walk nor I'd be able to have a chance to lead one for the moment, here are the list of Leader's Responsibilities by Scott Kelby. I hope this helps to aspiring leaders out there. ^_^ 

If the video below doesn't work just go to this link.

Leader Responsibilities

  1. It’s up to you to plan the route for your photo walk, which will last about two hours. You’ll pick a starting point and ending point for your walk and plan out your route. 
  2. At the end, you’ll want to choose a restaurant, café, bar, or some place you can have a social gathering. Make sure you contact the place of your choosing ahead of time to make sure they can handle your group and are ready for you when you arrive.
  3. You’ll need to set up your walk’s web page with all the event information. It’s an easy, automated process of filling in the blanks and uploading a photo of yourself. The page also has a small blog you’ll want to keep updated with helpful information for your walkers.
  4. After the walkers who want to enter the contest have submitted their single best image from your local Walk, you get to pick the winning image! The winner will receive a digital copy of The Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers from Scott Kelby and will also be in the running for the Grand Prize!
  5. As the leader, you also get a digital copy of The Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers from Scott Kelby.
  6. Lastly, you’ll also want to be prepared to answer a lot of questions. People will be asking for suggestions on things to photograph, ideas, and other stuff, so be ready with answers and a smile :-)

Leader Qualifications:

  1. Someone who can lead a group of people safely from one place to another.
  2. Someone who has organized events, lead a camera club, organized another photo walk, or has other qualifications as a leader.


Don’t be disappointed if your walk isn’t immediately approved. This process can take a while as we do read each application carefully.

Also, if there’s another walk in your city, we won’t open a second (or third or fourth) walk until the first one has filled up. There may be exceptions to this for larger cities, but the approval process is based on our own discretion. If you want to check the status of your application while you’re waiting, you can do so right here.

Now, if you’re up for all of this, apply to be a Worldwide Photo Walk Leader NOW!

I'd really want that book on The Lightroom 4 for Digital Photographers. XD


  1. Haven't joined any Scott Kelby photo-walk yet, hopefully this year I could join, as long as the scourging heat will not prevent us from doing so. As for the leadership,we have no problem on that since we have an organized group... :D

  2. This photowalk is a really great concept. I hope it ends up as successful event.

  3. Leadership is a crucial part of the success of such event. Hope more Scott Kelby photowalks become successful through good leadership :)

    BTW, I am invited for a version of this photowalk in our city :)

  4. Photo walk is great concept for photo hobbyist, amateur and professionals. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Haven't been to a photowalk before, but I was invited by some bloggers two months ago. Reading on the leader's responsibilities, I think I'll just be a photowalk member for now since I really don't have any experience. Hehehe!

  6. I luv doing photowalk ever since i've decided to turn my personal blog into Travel/Photo blog. Nice post, will check how will i join in this interesting activity:

  7. this sounds interesting and exciting... maybe i can do a photowalk on my own in our city. hihi..

  8. Photo-walk is an interesting concept and you can really capture a lot of good things.

  9. A lot of photo enthusiasts would enjoy this event.

  10. I never had a chance to join such even but I'm sure, every participant learned a lot... new photography techniques maybe or fresh ideas that will definitely beneficial.

    1. correction:
      "fresh ideas that will definitely beneficial to them."

  11. i love to do photography but never had the chance to buy a good camera . love to be part of this soon .... kudos to you

  12. I hope you lead a photo walk in the near future. Would love to sign-up and learn from your techniques. :)

  13. May Sunday photowalk din dito sa Dvo every week pero di pa ako nakakasali :/

  14. How I wish I can join something like that, di ko pa nasusubukan. @ Algene: Meron pala dito sa Davao photowalk? hope I can join them though di pa ako gaano marunong kumalikot ng camera ko =(

  15. read a lot of articles about photo walk, it sure looks like fun. but i guess, there's a lot of responsibilities, as you mentioned. we can never be to careful, especially nowadays. Yahweh bless.

  16. Photowalk is exciting and enjoyable because of a lot of people involve. I hope to participate in this ind of activity

  17. wow that sounds really great! photo walk is good that is why i always have my camera with me to take good shots or something unexpected too! xx

  18. Dunno if I could organize an event like this!
    but it sounds like fun!

  19. That sounds like a really great idea. Let me know if this pushes through. I'm game on this!

  20. Interesting. Please keep us posted on this. Good luck! :)


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