Monday, July 9

The week that was (July 1 - 7)

Sunday: Got up a bit early to take our daughter out for a walk. To kill more time, we took an LRT ride and dropped off at Santolan Station from Legarda (where we live). I kinda enjoyed it and probably do it a little more often perhaps XD. When we got back home, my wife was still asleep so we woke her up so she could get going. We made sure our baby was well taken care of before we put her to sleep. I transferred some files from our old laptop to our back-up hard drive but it felt like my set of file-transfer was running slow it took me almost 3 hours to finish. By 3:00pm, we were able to hail a cab going to Greenhills to have our late lunch at Torch's (I'll write a blog about this). Just in time that we got there when it started to rain cats and dogs. After almost 2 hours, the raid stopped and we waited for another cab going to Robinson's Galeria. In less than 15 minutes, we were there already. We head off to one of Sun's payment center as my wife was inquiring for some units that she may want to purchase in the near future. Then as we were about to go home, we had some refreshments at Serenitea before taking the bus back home. Well my wife took care of our daughter as I got to back-up some files from our old laptop to our back-up hard drive for me to transfer it to our new laptop. Fortunately, my data transfer was much faster compared to this morning. I got to read Sunday's paper to relax before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early so I could take Migmig out for a walk. Then we had breakfast at Mc Donald's but we didn't stay there for long as my baby got a little bit impatient and wanted to walk some more. When we got back home, we woke her mom up. Then I tried putting her to sleep but it almost took me that long before I got successful. When she slept, I got ready and left for SM North Edsa. It took me almost an hour to get there and when I got there, I didn't waste any time looking for good restaurants to visit when my sister-in-law celebrates her birthday this coming Sunday. While I was roaming around, I couldn't help it but feel sleepy and dizzy at the same time. After searching the entire SM North Edsa, I had my late lunch at Sakae Sushi just to be on the safe side. I thought having some food with wasabi would make me awake but to no avail. Then I head off to Trinoma this time to look for more options. After I felt I searched more than enough, I just strolled around the mall until I decided to take the MRT and go home. I passed by Fully Booked to buy some books. I got some titles for as big as 80% discount. Imagine for a 500-peso book, I just pay around 50-80 pesos each. When I got home, I guess they're sleeping soundly which I wasn't able to get in initially. I just went online until 7:30pm and went back home. I felt a bit worried to see Migmig having rashes again and having a hard time peeing. I told my sister in law not to put diapers on Migmig until her mom arrives. Everytime I carry her, she cries out loud probably in pain and I'm almost helpless as my mom-in-law took over until my wife arrived at almost 9:00pm. She took over as I followed them as soon as Migmig fell asleep. I hope the next day would be better for her.

Tuesday: Got up at past 8:00am on a rainy Tuesday morning as Migmig just got up as well. Thank God, her rashes didn't hurt her as much as the other day. Since we can't go out, we made the most of our morning inside as we watched TV while feeding her some pandeal (and she's liking it). ^_^ After giving her a bath, it took me a while before Migmig fall asleep and then I got ready for work. I left at past 12:00pm as it was raining hard I thought my umbrella won't hold it's own. I bought some ointment for Migmig's rashes just incase it re-occurs again before I proceed. I stopped at World Chicken in Glorietta for lunch as I haven't ate yet and then grab some drinks at Chatime. To my surprise, I got in the office just in time.Work was pretty much okay as I got to do two tickets and answer a call. I just had KFC for dinner as I don't want to trouble myself with what to eat. After my shift, I took a cab going home and when I got home, my daughter was fast asleep and she's not irritated with her rashes. I got to relax for a while before going to sleep.

Wednesday: Again, I got up at almost 8:00am as my mom paid us a visit while I'm still in bed. I got to fix some things before taking Migmig downstairs to spend some time with her other lola (my mom).  I got to do also some of my morning rituals before I took Migmig out for a walk. That walk lasted for only a couple of minutes before we head back home and wake her mom up. It was a pretty busy morning for all of us as we prepare for Migmig's bath. It took me a while (almost 12:00pm) to put our daughter to sleep before I got ready for work. I need to rush since I was almost late but not without passing by Fully Booked to buy some magazines. Since it's the 4th of July, we were expecting that there won't be any calls nor emails. Then my wife texted me saying she's already in Makati as she want's me to accompany her to claim something. I waited for her outside as it rained all of a sudden. Instead of looking far to where my wife and I would eat, we ended up at Bob's near our office. I showed her a paper on Manila Hotel's 100th anniversary and were considering booking on October 6. Then I walked my wife till we parted ways as she needs to go somewhere first. Well we got busy at work with an hour to go but we need to have the issue escalated to our counterparts in the US who are celebrating 4th of July. I took a cab home as the rain stopped already. When I got home, my wife was still up while Migmig was fast asleep. When we were about to sleep, Migmig threw-up all of a sudden that made me and my wife worried a bit. It turns out that our baby kinda ate more that she can handle as I notice the bulge in her tummy. We got to spend some time with her before putting her back to sleep. We joined her soon after and fell asleep too. 

Thursday: We got up at past 8:30am on a cool Thursday morning if Migmig didn't cry for milk. We didn't go out as the sun was already up high so we spent our morning indoors.We woke her mom at 9:30am so she could do her part and speed things up at home. Then it was playtime for me and Migmig until I was able to put her to sleep before getting ready for work. I grabbed some siomai on my way to work to easy my hunger before having late lunch at KFC. Well work wasn't much as our boss was away for a week. By 7:00pm, I went out to SM Makati to buy some milk for Migmig but there was a bomb scare there when they saw a box there unattended. Good thing no bomb were found so life just goes on for everyone. Then I need to look for something to eat as I ended up at Teriyaki Boy and ordered two different maki's. When I got back to the office, I enjoyed the maki and got so full since its heavy on the stomach. After shift, I took a cab and got home in no time to get some much needed rest.

Friday: Got up at 7:30am with some chest pains on the right side. I was able to take Migmig down for a few minutes of walking outside before heading to Mc Donalds for breakfast. One of the crew there liked her so much that she wanted to carry my baby but Migmig is not in the mood yet D. But she's in the mood to eat breakfast as she was able to eat as much as she could to my delight. Then we went back home at almost 9:00am to wake her mom up. It her mom's turn to take care of her while I'm resting for a couple of minutes.   After she slept as early as 10:15am, I was able to go online and edit some photos as Migmig didn't got up while I'm on the laptop and while I'm preparing for work. I left home at past 12:00pm so I could get something to eat while on my way. I didn't find the food that I want so I had some Nutty Oatty from Fruit Magic and some pretzel at Auntie Anne's  before reaching the office. I was able to make a call on one of the restaurants I wanted to visit sometime soon. I went down at almost 4:00pm to have my blood pressure taken (150/100) before doing some transactions in the bank with the voucher I bought from Cashcash Pinoy. I was suppose to have dinner at 7:00pm but I need to make sure my colleague can handle himself  before I leave. For dinner, I went to BFast to have my wagyu cravings even if I'm not feeling very well. I didn't stay there for long as the buffet spread was quite slow. I was  a bit full when I got back in the office. Well work wasn't that much as we got some emails sparingly. It took me a while to hail a cab after being rejected by several taxi drivers giving out their old lame excuses. Luckily, the one I got knew some shortcuts and took me home at the least amount of time (and taxi fare). When I got home, I did some laundry and got some of my things ready for the next day.

Saturday: Got up at almost 8:00am and we went out for a walk. But the weather wasn't that cooperative and its drizzling a bit so we didn't stay out for long. After we got back, We went up to her mom at 9:30pm as she'll be having an appointment with her hair stylist as she wanted to dye her hair (again!). I wasn't able to put Migmig to sleep so I just took a bath and get ready for work. Since I'll be carrying our old laptop, I took the three-bus route going to work so I had to leave home at 12:00pm knowing that traffic would be inevitable. Heavy traffic along Taft Ave in La Salle where a lot of student queue-up for some discount. Thankfully, I got in the office with plenty of time to spare. I rested for a while before going down to have my blood pressure checked (130/80) and have lunch at KFC. It was a late lunch as I haven't ate any since I got up this morning. Then I bought a big bottle of 7-Up before going back to the office for our special session since our boss is away for the entire work week. By 3:30pm, I took the laptop out and started editing old pictures that I took since last year. And I was editing RAW pictures which was really tedious yet rewarding as I got to learn a lot from it. Together with a few shots, I guess I was able to edit more than a hundred RAW photos which I need to do some final touches before uploading them. We really enjoyed our shift as I also played some old school heavy metal music from my laptop. I had late dinner at past 10:00pm as I'm done editing for the week and maybe I'll do some more. By 11:15pm, I'm done for the day and took a cab going home. When I got home, I fixed some of my things to bring for Sunday's day-out with the family which includes my camera before going to bed.

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