Sunday, July 22

The week that was (July 15 - 21)

Sunday: Got up early again as I got to do my usual daddy duties which includes taking Migmig out for a walk before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. After a hearty meal, I took Migmig to Nanay first so I could prepare her bath while my wife was asleep. When I was done preparing, I took Migmig from Nanay so my wife could give her a bath. After bath, I was about to put my baby to sleep but she doesn't want to. We went down to spend some more time with her aunts until my wife took her back up. That was my cue to get ready for another photowalk Sunday. I left home at almost 12:00pm and had a quick snack at Jollibee before taking a bus bound for Lawton. I got there at 12:30pm but I couldn't notice anyone attending the Postal Heritage Walking Tour until Mr Lawrence Chan arrived (I'll write a separate blog about it). Then we started the tour which lasted until almost 7:00pm followed by a foodtrip at a hidden restaurant in Binondo. I got home at almost 9:00pm as Migmig was trying to get some sleep but still couldn't so I took her down and spend some time with her. I went out for an hour so I could go online and catch-up. When I got back home, I joined my wife in our room and turned on the aircon. We didn't go to sleep yet as we try to catch-up with what happened for the past week as well as look into our daughter who was sleeping so beautifully. ^_^

Monday: Got up early and did my daddy duties as usual. My wife got up a bit early to help me with some chores before giving Migmig her bath. When I was about to put Migmig to sleep, she kept on playing hence she kinda perspired so I had to turn on the aircon to minimize it but I had to wipe-off her sweat first. She didn't sleep for too long as she got up after sleeping for an hour and went down to spend more time.We went back up after a few hours but she didn't want to get some sleep in the afternoon. By 5:30pm, we went out to visit Nanay. I was able to have my late lunch and buy some fries for Migmig which she enjoyed. We went back home an hour and a half later and let my sister-in-law look for her while I take a breather. My wife arrived later and she took over. I was able to read some of Sunday's paper before joining them in bed. But I decided to go online until around 1:00am before going to sleep.

Tuesday: By 8:00am, I could hardly get-up from bed since the room was pretty much cold with the aircondition last night. Some of my toes on my left foot is a bit numb and it hurts when I try to wiggle it. Yet I had to get up and do some morning rituals first before taking my daughter down. We were supposed to go out for a walk but after watching a good episode of Kris TV, we just stayed home and bought pandesal instead. Her mom was a bit surprised on why we didn't went out this morning. Anyway, we got pretty much busy until my wife was trying to put Migmig to sleep. I went upstairs to feed my baby before she goes to sleep. As usual, she played a little bit more before she slept at past 11:00am. By that time, I got to have myself ready for my first day of the work week. Though I had some difficulty walking, I got to manage anyway. I rested for an hour when I got to the office before having my blood pressure checked (130/80) and went out to buy something to eat at Mc Donalds. Work was pretty much okay as my colleagues did the bulk of the work. By 8:30pm, I went out to look for a place to eat. I stopped by at Fully Booked in Greenbelt 5 and browsed some books by stephen Covey, Bo Sanchez, Richard Templar and Keri Smith. The entire night won't be enough for all of those books so I decided to move on. Again, it took me a while until I got to Serenitea in Glorietta and finally in Persia Grill after scouting the entire place and getting soaked in the rain. I should have gone straight to Persia Grill instead. By the time I got back in the office, I enjoyed the next few minutes before hailing a cab going home.

Wednesday: We all got up at 7:45am as my mom paid us a visit. Migmig was not in the mood yet and cried when she saw my mom. A few minutes after their bonding time, she kept on smiling and giggling. After my mom left, we went out to visit Nanay and then had some breakfast at Mc Donalds before going back home. My wife was already busy preparing Migmig's bath and after that, it was my turn in putting her to sleep. By 12:30pm, I'm off to work again. It's really painful to walk with a swollen foot that taking some pain killers didn't even help much. I rested for an hour when I got to the office before having my blood pressure checked (130/80) and went out to buy something to eat at Mc Donalds. By 5:00pm, we had a visitor from Singapore as our IT Manager introduced them to us. It was actually the one I liked having conversation with be it through email or over the phone. For the second night in a row, I had my kebeb-dinner at Persia Grill again to think and re-assess my goals. I know what I wanted to do after my contract ends but I have to make sure my plans go as smoothly as possible without worrying much. I got to make myself busy for the rest of the shift before getting a cab home.

Thursday: By 4:30am, my wife and I got awake as Migmig kept on moving. We noticed that she's already hungry and sweating at the same time so I had to turn on the aircon while my wife feeds her. I guess we slept again at 5:00am. Three hours later, Migmig and I went down so my wife could get some rest and for my baby to do her morning walk inside the house. I feed her with some pandesal while watching TV. My wife woke up a bit late and did her share of the chores in the morning before our baby gets her bath. My daughter slept late in the morning at 12:00pm so I need to hurry-up. As I don't have much time to commute to the office plus my left foot still sore, I took a cab going to the office and gambled on a route the taxi driver told me the previous night. Good thing the driver I am with is familiar with the route so I got to Makati in less than 30 minutes I think. I had some lunch at Mc Donalds which gave me my 5th glass collection before walking my way to the office. When I got there, my colleagues in the morning shift told me that my other colleague won't be able to report for work since she's not feeling well. I have to brace myself for some work today XD. Since I am the only one (together with my boss) here in the office, work was pretty much good as I got two calls and some emails and requests to attend to. I was pretty much busy from during those times I had dinner at past 9:00pm already. I had my dinner at Adobo Connection and I guess I need to frequent there to enjoy and save money at the same time. When I got back in the office, my colleagues were already enjoying the day indicating that its time for me to wrap up. I took a cab again heading home and got home in no time. I went online until past 1:00am for the 4th straight night.

Friday: My entire body felt weak and numb. Yet my wife and baby persistently wake me up to get going and by 8:00am, I took Migmig down for some breakfast. We went out also to have some fun in the sun but it was cut short by the sudden change in weather. We went back home and spend the rest of the morning watching TV and playing around. After her morning rituals, she fell asleep all of a sudden and I fell asleep too. By the time I'm getting ready for work, my daughter gets up and doesn't want me to go to work. Good thing my wife's sister got up and spent time with Migmig which helped me get going. For a change, I decided to have lunch at Adobo Connection which I enjoyed even if I reported for work late. When I got in the office, my colleagues were there already so I just did some of my usual stuff at work and online. By 7:15pm, I went out and braved the bad weather (heavy rains) going to BFast to have my wagyu fix. My feet got so drenched in water I feel a little bit uneasy wearing them. I got to watch BGK vs BMEG on a knock-out match but unfortunately, BGK lost. I went back to the office with a wet pair of shoes so I dried them up for the rest of the night before going home. For the 5th straight night, I was able to go online and checked some pages before finally going to sleep.

Saturday: Got up at past 9:00am (9:40am to be exact) as the weather was really cold I don't want to get up from my bed yet XD. Since Nanay didn't went out to their stall, she got to take care of Migmig while my wife got a little bit busy. I went out to do some errands for my wife before assisting her in giving our baby a bath. Then we spend some more time upstairs as I tried to put Migmig to sleep. I was a bit hesitant if I should report for work or not since most roads were already flooded. By 12:30pm, I was able to hail a cab going to the office and got there by 1:15pm. I didn't encounter much problem going to work as floods in some road have already subsided. I warmed my laptop for some post-processing marathon for the entire shift before going down to have some lunch. Adobo Connection was closed for the day so I had some at Lechon Republik. Their food seems to be pretty fair as I enjoyed my lechon paksiw for lunch. When I got back, I started my photo-editing marathon to keep me busy. By 3:00pm, the office is all to myself so I played some music as well. I kinda noticed the pace I am when editing pictures (about 2-3 pictures a minute when editing Jpegs) I got to finish a lot of sets. My boss arrived at 7:00pm to keep me company. Since I was able to edit 7-9 sets in 3-4 hours, I decided to have my laptop checked for viruses and malware. I uninstalled some unsuded anti-virus software on my laptop before installing the latest version of AVG. So far, I am impressed with it and let it scan my entire PC. I went out to grab some lunch by 9:30pm. While on the way, I accidentally slipped outside Greenbelt 5 on a rainy night. The fall was so bad, it took me 5-10 minutes before I could get up. I tried to walk through the pain but its too unbearable. I decided to have dinner at Ma Maison and use my e-voucher for a 50% discount on their Jumbo Hamburger Steak that turns out the promo starts on the 23rd. I got a different dish instead and studied its interiors. There are so many subjects to photographed as well as angles to choose from. After dinner, I went back to the office but my pace was much slower to prevent the accident as all roads seem to be slippery. It was almost 11:00pm when I got back and my laptop was done scanning for viruses so I packed-up and went online for a couple of more minutes before going home at almost midnight. Even I'm limping while walking down, I was lucky to hail a cab and got home in 30 minutes. When I opened the door, Migmig was still awake so I hold her and she gave her daddy a kiss ^_^. Chicken Macaroni Soup was my midnight snack as heavy rains still pour. I wasn't able to take a shower as the bathroom was flooded due to drainage problems every time it rains. I wanted to go online before I sleep but Migmig was also awake so I had to do it tomorrow morning instead.

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