Wednesday, July 18

Postal Heritage Walking Tour Revisited: Manila Central Post Office

In the digital age, the word snail mail may be obscure as almost all of us who use computers rely on email (better known as electronic mail) to send our thoughts, information to someone in a flash. But twenty years back, there was once who reigned known as "The Snail Mail". I've got a collection of those from my dad (who is an ex-OFW) and from a few friends here and abroad. What I like about those mails back then were  the stamps that come from different parts of the world.

Last Sunday, I joined Mr Lawrence Chan for a tour around some of Manila's most interesting spots most people may not appreciate. I recall my first Postal Heritage Tour Experience and I am really looking forward to do a repeat someday. Our first stop was at The Manila Central Post Office. I kinda recall how my mom would take me there to send letters to my dad when he was still working in Saudi Arabia (that was around 20 years ago).Sad to say, they will convert the Post Office into a 6-star hotel. That's another heritage site gone in a few months time.

Compared to my first experience, Lawrence gave us a tour at the back of the Post Office, something that I think he wasn't able to do a few years back. I was able to take some pictures as it may be my last since they will convert it into a hotel. 

We didn't stayed there for long as we head off to other interesting locations that we need to visit.

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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