Monday, July 2

Florabel: Is the food good?


One Sunday afternoon, my wife, daughter and I went to The Podium to have late lunch at Florabel using my cashcashpinoy vouchers. But the night before, I was a bit apprehensive on what to order because I've read more bad reviews than good reviews and even my wife got apprehensive too. Well, I just trusted on my instincts and positive thinking hoping that we will enjoy our lunch.

I like their towering wine rack.

When we got there, there were a few people having lunch (off-peak hours). We were able to secure a good table with good lighting before placing our order.

She's the boss. XD

A piece of bread with butter to start us up.

Two glasses of water will do for us, for now. XD

And while we wait for our orders, I took some time to take pictures of its lovely interior. Though if you ask me, they could have done better.

Their interiors are classic yet minimalist in style.

We started off with their Tomato Soup (200 pesos). We usually order a bowl of soup as my daughter can't have food without soup. Their Tomato Soup was also topped with ricotta cheese and baby arugula yet tasted just fine as we tried not to order the ones we usually get.

Tomato Soup in a Bowl.

Next is their famous Friendship Salad (475 pesos). For some reason, this was the dish that I liked best. Its a mixed of crispy prawns with kani with tropical fruits and sesame dressing. I initially wanted to try their tuna salad but my wife was not fond of raw fish hence, we got this one.

Friendship Salad


For pasta, we got Ricky (425 pesos). Without a doubt, this was one of the best tasting pasta dishes we've ever tried. With the good combination of sausage, salami, frankfurters, and mushroom in basil pesto, my wife and I got sold to this dish with penne as our choice of noodles.

Say hello to Ricky Penne (Pasta) XD.

For the main couse, we had Adobo ala Florabel (425 pesos). This was the dish that I was hoping for that would bring out our experience there, yet it tastes like your usual Adobo. The presentation was fine but the taste wasn't as grand as we expected.

Adobo ala Florabel

To refresh ourselves (my wife I mean), she ordered Fresh Strawberry Juice (180 pesos). It was refreshing as well as its cold enough and its served in a tall glass.

Fresh Strawberry Juice in a tall glass XD.

My wife enjoying her late lunch.

And to end our meal, we had Mango Crepe Samurai (208 pesos). Its mangoes with homemade crepe topped with Sabayon. It tasted good enough that I was hoping the serving would be good for two.

Mango Crepe Samurai

While waiting for our bill, I took the liberty of taking some more pictures.

Mommy and Baby take a pose.

Marien taking her drink.

Marien seems to enjoy her meal.

This is what happens every time we had our meals. XD

What I've learned about this experience.

1. If you have read a bad review about the restaurant, it doesn't mean that you'll encounter the same experience as well.

2. You may ask the waiters for recommendation but still trust your gut feel and your taste buds more.

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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  1. galit yata yung boss nung una dahil sa bad reviews ng resto tapos don nyo pa sya dinala pero sumaya rin, nagustuhan yata at susulat daw sya ng positive review.


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