Tuesday, June 19

The week that was (June 10 - 16)

Sunday: Got Up at almost 8:00am and took Migmig out for a walk. Since we didn't have breakfast at Mc Donald's, I just bought some pandesal for my daughter to eat for the morning. I also bought some morning paper before giving her to her mom. By the time they went upstairs for a morning nap, I was able to watch Game 7 of NBA's Eastern Conference Finals which the Miami Heat won. By lunch time, we made sure our daughter was well taken care of before she had her afternoon nap. I turned on the aircon as our room was as hot as the oven. Both of us fell asleep and got up at around 4:30pm. We got dressed and went to church for the 5:pm mass even if we were so late. After mass, we went to her lola for a couple of minutes before going to SM Centerpoint to do some grocery. We spent more than a thousand pesos but its worth it just to spend more time with my wife and baby. Then we went to Tokyo Tokyofor dinner after we checked that Goldilock's was jampacked. Our baby enjoyed her dinner while we were satisfied as well. We got back home at almost 9:00pm and just relaxed for the night before we went upstairs to get some sleep.

Monday: Got up at almost 8:00am as Migmig was already playing in our room. I fed Migmig home-cooked breakfast after we walked outside and had fun. Then we went upstairs for her morning nap after my wife gave her a bath. Thank God she fell asleep quickly. I went online so I could do some updates with my things online instead of editing pictures. Migmig got up two hours later and we went downstair so we could have lunch. Two hours later, we were in the room again with the aircondition turned on so she would feel comfortable. Somehow I fell asleep minutes after she closes her eyes. We both got up late in the afternoon and we weren't able to go out in the afternoon. Good thing my sister-in-law was home so I got to do some groceries again at Llanas. I tried my best to keep my baby happy until the weather was quite humid we went outside to wait for her mom as she arrived at past 8:00pm. She took over and took care of our baby from there. Migmig was suppose to be sleeping but with heavy rain pour, she got awake and cried probably because with the sound of the rain falling. We made sure to comfort her before she fell asleep again and we followed after.

Tuesday: Got up a bit early and took Migmig out for a walk again. As it's drizzling, we seek refuge at Mc Donald's and eventually, had our breakfast there. So far, my daughter eats more and more each day probably like me. I'm hoping not as I don't want her to be like me when it comes to my eating habits (I have bad eating habits XD). I left home early since its a holiday and my wife just left earlier to go to Divisoria to do some shopping. I stopped by SM Makati to have lunch at Paotsin before buying some bananas at the supermarket. I got in the office early and do some online stuff. By 3:00pm, my boss gave us a task that requires us to complete it ASAP. I got to do my part while I'm online though I feel a bit unproductive. For dinner, I was trying to look for a decent place to eat until my feet lead me to The Cheese Steak Shop where I enjoyed dinner there. I spent an hour and a few minutes more before I went back to continue the task our boss gave us. After shift, I immediately log-off and took the next bus home as I got home a few minutes past midnight. Instead of going to bed, I tried editing some of Migmig's photo's to complete my Project 365. While editing, I noticed that my photoshop kept on crashing though I was able to edit more than 20 pictures until I'm done for the day and joined my wife and daughter sleeping.

Wednesday: Got up a little bit early at 7:00am as I felt a 5-hour sleep was not enough for me. We were supposed to go out but unfortunately it was raining all morning so we stayed inside the apartment instead and played with my baby. I was able to watch Game 1 of the NBA finals and so far, I liked how they played during finals. I left home a bit late as I need to finish the game I'm watching. But I made sure I was able to have lunch at Paotsin though I wasn't able to buy Bananas at SM. I got so busy with work I wasn't able to do much blogging and other things online. For dinner, I got to have dinner at BFast as my head was so clouded with so much thoughts and a lot of things in mind. Health issues, work issues, personal issues, I guess I miss a bottle of beer or two to sort things out but I can't drink yet. When I got back, I did some tickets before calling it a day. I took a cab going home as I'm not feeling good at that point.

Thursday: Got up at around 7:00am as Migmi was already awake. I took her out for a walk and she walked a lot. I was able to take my daughter to Mc Donald's to have breakfast and spend more time so my wife could do more things and get some more rest. When we got back, its my wife's turn to take care of our daughter and I rested for a few minutes before we gave Migmig a bath. Then we went upstairs as I put our daughter to sleep. I fell asleep a few minutes after and got up an a few minutes before 12:00pm. Since I don't have much time to eat, I just grabbed some bananas at SM Supermarket before heading straight to the office. As I'm browsing through my office emails, I read a feedback from a colleague from a different shift. What made me pissed-off (for a couple of minutes) is that they keep on complaining instead of making action. The ticket created (on the email) was late since we were so busy last Tuesday. I wanted to and hit those people in the face but I have to keep cool and just work on what's available. I just kept my cool though its obvious that I wanted to hit someone in the head. I grabbed some soup for dinner to soothe my nerves and calm me down. By the end of the shift, I went home and got some rest that I needed.

Friday: Got up a bit early as I took out Migmig for a stroll. My mom was supposed to pay us a visit but she's not feeling well so I told her she can visit us when she gets better. By the time, we were finished, her mom was already awake watching TV. After giving my baby a bath, we went upstairs so she could get her morning nap. However, she didn't fell asleep until a few minutes before 11:00am. I took a few minutes of rest as I got up 15 minutes before 12:00pm. In a hurry, I got ready and head off towards the office stopping by Paotsin for a quick lunch and grabbed some bananas at SM Supermarket in Makati. Since I'm the only tech on-shift (together with my boss), I have to be on my toes all the time. My other colleagues have left at 4:00pm (their usual end-time is at 3:00pm) and my boss arrived a few minutes later. Since, I need to do some transactions, I left the office but I took the office-phone with me. I had to go to the second floor to have my blood pressure checked (140/90) before doing some bank transactions. Unfortunately, The BPI near our office was already closed so I had to try my luck at their Greenbelt 5 branch. It was full of people when I got there but I had to wait. I grabbed some Gelato to cool me down while waiting for my turn. after an hour and a half, I'm on my way back to the office and grabbed some soups along the way. It was all work for me when I got there but thank God there were no calls during my shift. Just tickets. XD I left the office a few minutes before midnight and I hailed a cab so I could get home quickly.

Saturday: Got up early again as we went out for a walk. We tried to spend time outside as much as we can but we got back home at around 8:30am. Her mom didn't get up until 10:00am where I got to buy some of Migmig's needs and got myself ready not for work but to go out and enjoy the day. I left home at 11:00am and head off to WTC to attend MAFBEX (I'll write a blog about this). I stayed there for around two hours before heading off to SMX to attend the 3rd Graphics Expo (I'll write a blog about this). I took a cab going to SMX since my head was feeling so numb I feel like I'm gonna fall down. I spend the next two hours there thinking if I would go to SM Megamall to attend the Toycon 2012 (I'll write a blog about this) or not. With the pain so unbearable, I took the next bus going to Megamall hoping for a heavy traffic jam so I could catch some sleep. I left SM MOA at 4:00pm and got to Megamall at past 5:30pm. A few minutes after I went in at Toycon, I felt so much better. I spent most of my remaining hours for the day and had my dinner at 9:30pm. I took an FX ride going home but I had to go online for at least an hour to kill some time. When I got home, my wife was still awake while Migmig was already sleeping. I took a long shower before joining them in bed as my body is really aching.

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