Tuesday, May 29

The week that was (May 20 -26)

Sunday: Got up at almost 7:00am as Migmig was already playing at our room, we went down and let her walk on her own. Once we got back, I let her mom took over and still try to find a cure on how my toothache would go away. By the time Migmig got up from her morning nap, I went online for an hour before I went upstairs to take care of Migmig while my wife went down to do other things. I didn't notice that I fell asleep as well. Migmig and I went down at past 6:00pm. We weren't able to attend mass as were late plus its raining already. I took the laptop down so my wife could go online and I took Migmig upstairs so she could get some sleep now. I didn't notice that I fell asleep again as my wife went upstairs to join us.

Monday: I got up a bit early as Migmig was already up and playing on the floor. We went down so she could do her usual walk before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. When we got back, her mom was already fixing her bath so my baby could get her morning nap early. I fell asleep too as I wanted to get some more sleep as well. I turned-on the aircon so Migmig could sleep soundly while I do back-up some pictures on our external hard drive. When she got up, we went down so I could give her some lunch. We went back up stairs at 2:30 and spend the rest of the afternoon there before her lola came and took care of her. I head off to the dentist for my 4:00pm appointment and when I got there, I had to wait patiently. Initially, the dentist won't continue the procedure as my blood pressure was high (140/100) but eventually lowered down (130/90). I didn't feel much pain until a certain point that she was already trying to pull my tooth out. I tried to fight the pain but it came to a point that my facial expression changed as well as I kinda shouted in pain. This would be the first time in a long time I felt intense pain while pulling my tooth out. The dentist let me rest for a couple of minutes to check if my blood pressure went down. However, it was still high after 30 minutes of rest and decided not to continue with my tooth extraction as she feared that I may fade out or may suffer a heart attack as she said my blood pressure shot to as high as 200. I got scared but kinda decided to continue and endure the pain but she's so hesitant to continue, I had to reschedule it on a different day and time (probably when I'm all calm and much better). I kinda felt a bit scared too as the trauma that happened to me before was almost instantly happening again. I left the dental clinic feeling sorry as the procedure wasn't able to push through. I bought some pain killers before going home soaking wet as its raining. I went upstairs to get some rest and think how did that happened. After almost an hour, I went down to take care of Migmig until my wife got home early. I didn't had dinner as I need to take care of my dead tooth and my blood pressure. I slept early to get myself ready for the next day (so much for this long day post). XD

Tuesday: Got up at 5:45am as Migmig was already awake. Though I still feel a little groggy, I got to spend some time with her in our room before going down for a walk and breakfast at Mc Donalds. We had our breakfast though I guess my daughter has given-up on eating pancakes (she spits most of them). We went somewhere else to kill time and make sure my daughter would be able to see some of the sights she hasn't seen before. My wife was still sleeping when we got back after our morning ritual and we woke her up so she could give our baby a bath. I took a bath early and dressed partially before taking a nap with Migmig until her lola came. I left home as quick as I could and I got in the office. It was also the birthday of my colleague so she treated us a Mc Float and Large Fries. I went to our clinic located at the 2nd floor to have my blood pressure checked. The nurse checked and I am at 160/90 which is a little bit high. Could it be with what happened the previous day. For the entire day, I feel uneasy as I need to keep myself in-check if my blood pressure may spike-up again. But then again, I can't slack down, not that I have less than 5 months to go at work. For dinner, I had only soup for a change and probably go on a diet until my blood pressure goes normal and have my tooth finally extracted. When I got home after my shift, I got myself comfortable before going to bed. My wife was a bit surprised as I wanted to get some sleep as early as I could.

Wednesday: Got up at 7:00am, just in time that Migmig got up as well. Somehow, my sleep got a little bit better though its still far cry from 8 hours (optimum). We went out for a walk and stayed out for an hour before we went back to give her some pandesal for breakfast. Her mom got up a little bit late but she was able to step-up and gave our daughter a bath before we tried putting her to sleep. I told her to get ready for work and I'll put our daughter to sleep. I need to buy some diapers for Migmig as she's almost out of stock. She fell asleep after a few minutes and I kinda fell asleep for a few minutes too before her mom-in-law got back at almost 12:30pm. I immediately got ready for work but I missed the LRT2 ride to Cubao so I waited for another 10 minutes. Good thing I just got in time for my MRT ride to Ayala Station and walked as fast as I could to get in the office just in time. And I got there just in time. Good thing my colleague was there so I was able to do other things aside from ticketing. I went out to Mom & Tina's to buy some lunch for myself and had my late lunch. I had my blood pressure checked again and this time, it was at 130/90, slightly lower than the other day (160/90). I have yet to reach and maintain a 120/80 blood pressure (something I use to do a couple of years back). By the time got 7:00pm, I went to SM Makati to do some shopping for stuff at home and got back in the office an hour later. I wanted congee for dinner but there were none available so I had something to drink instead. Work got a bit intense as the clock strikes 9:30pm and I got to finish it so it would be done and over it. I felt a little bit dizzy so I had to get a cab and go straight home. I got to settle down for a couple of minutes before I finally lay down to sleep.

Thursday: Well, we were about to get some sleep but Migmig got up and wanted to play for a couple of minutes with us. Even with only our lampshade on, I still see my baby's smile as well as her mom that somehow lessens my tension. We were able to go to sleep at around 1:00am. Migmig and I got up at 7:00am and we went out for a walk. I wasn't suppose to take her to Mc Donald's for breakfast but since its drizzling and Migmig can't walk with that, we had breakfast there instead. So far, she ate a bit plenty as I tried chewing solid food using my left jaw (the one with the dead tooth on it). Well, its pretty much okay but my other healthy tooth may get affected if the dead one won't be extracted ASAP provided that my blood pressure gets much better. (I'm still at 130/90). When we got back home, her mom was still sleeping so we woke her up so she could help me setting-up Migmig's bath. After giving Migmig her bath, we went upstairs so I could put her to sleep and I fell asleep as well. My wife woke me up so I could take a bath and get dressed. While doing that, I heard someone crying upstairs. It's my baby who got up after sleeping for an hour. I played with her until her lola got back home at past 12:00pm and I hurriedly left for work. Thank God I got in the office early as I started to do some tickets. I went out to buy some soup at the Soup Kitchen but they haven't offer they 50% off so I went back and waited until eventually, I just settle with a 20% off. I had it in the office while trying to use my left jaw (with my dead tooth) in eating. I just had to wait for my shift to end before hailing a cab heading home.

Friday: Got up early as my mom paid us a visit. She got to spend at least 30 minutes with us before she went back to work. I was able to take Migmig out for a walk before we gave her breakfast my mom bought. I was supposed to attend the iBlog at UP Diliman but I got disappointed as my name did not appear on the list of those registered (I checked them the other night and asked why my name was not there). Instead, I took care of Migmig the entire morning until I left home at 12:30pm not to go to work (I'm on 2-day leave), but to go online and check some stuff on facebook for about two hours. Then, I went to Gateway and was suppose to have coffee until I forgot my planner with me. That was a big TOINK for me as my entire afternoon was changed. I strolled around at SM Cubao and Ali Mall to kill time but it didn't helped much. I went to Eastwood to kill more time and buy DPP's issue 44 but its not yet available as of the moment. Then I strolled around Eastwood Mall to check some food spots that we may visit with my wife and daughter in the near future. Still with a lot of time left, I had no choice but to try Uncle Cheffy's unlimited pizza and pasta (costs 345 pesos) even if I only had an hour left. Somehow, I never regret that choice though I'm having a hard time chewing and I even tried 5 of 8 pizza flavors offered. For their pasta, I tried only once as I know it would easily make me full plus the timing I'll be having dinner. I was able to purchase DPP's issue 44 and took some time reading it before heading to Shutterspace Studios to attend HGT's 2nd Anniversary Party. The first cab I got missed it and dropped me off at Ateneo before I got another cab heading back. At the party, I got to meet some new faces as well as the old ones. Though I didn't ate much and took pictures that much, I really enjoyed my few hours there until 12:30am the next day. I immediately took a cab and got home for my much needed rest for the next day. 

Saturday: Got up at 5:30am to attend DPP's 6th anniversary event at BGC. I left home at almost 6:00am and got there a few minutes after 7:00am (I'll write a detailed blog about the event). I think I spent more than 15 hours at the event before I finally hail a cab and went straight home. I felt really dehydrated and thirsty that I didn't stop drinking until I got really full. When I got home, my daughter was sleeping already just like when I left home early this morning. I soaked some laundry for me to do the next day and unpacked some of my things as well. I went online for a couple of minutes to relax before finally going to bed at 1:00am.

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