Wednesday, April 18

The week that was (April 8 - 14)

Sunday: Got up as early as I could since we will be going to the beach. Yes, the beach after more than 2 years of not being able to take a dip there. I recall the last time I did that was during our honeymoon in Bohol and Cebu and boy I really missed those days. Me and the boys got there first as I had to take some pictures of the beach. The girls and kids came after and we enjoyed probably 3 hours of basking under the sun and let my body hit by the waves. I took some family pictures that my in-laws would definitely keep for a long long time. Then we went back to rinse ourselves and I felt so tired I fell asleep for at least three hours. I got up at 2:30pm and had my late lunch. Migmig was already sleeping when I checked on her. Late in the afternoon, we went to my wife's other relative to attend a graduation party given to one of them. Unfortunately, it rained so hard, we barely enjoyed our stay there. When we got back home, we waited for Gandang Gabi Vice before going to bed early.

Monday: I got up again for the last time that I don't have to get up early. I got to take some more pictures as I went to the middle of the farm field and take some more pictures. Then we went to San Fernando in La Union to buy some pasalubong. Initially, we planned to go there early to take pictures but it didn't materialize as most of them took a bath first. After buying some pasalubong, we had lunch at a restaurant as most of us were already hungry before going back to pack our bags and wait for our van to pick us up. Instead of being picked-up by 2:00pm, we waited for another two more hours before we got our ride. But before that, I took some family portraits of them again as a souvenir. As we were on our way back home, I felt like I wanted to go back not because of its quiet and laidback life there, but I felt I missed a lot of opportunities to take photos. We got home at past 10:00pm after several pit-stops. After unpacking our bags upstairs, all of us went to sleep right away but not without greeting my wife first.

Tuesday: I got up early again and took Migmig out for some fun in the sun but I wasn't able to take her walker out. We had breakfast at Mc Donalds before spending more time back home as her aunt won't be in Manila until the end of April. I left home at 12:30pm knowing I would still be able to get to the office ahead of time. Unfortunately, there was a delay at Cubao station where our ride had to wait for 20 minutes due to some technical difficulties. It also happened on the next 2 stations which I got late at work by 9 minutes even if I left home earlier. Since there were only two of us (excluding our boss) at work, we just maximized what we had. By dinner, I went to Park Square 1 as I know there is a Digiprint branch there as I had to print some pictures of Migmig. Unfortunately to my dismay, its branch doesn't exists anymore so I just had dinner at Yoshinoya and grab their to-share dinner. For some reason I had cravings for a cheese steak sandwich and I know its because of the video I've been watching from Man vs Food XD. I know The Cheese Steak Shop was just nearby so even after dinner, I looked for it until I found it XD. I got myself a 10-inch classic cheese steak and garlic fries to go and had it on my desk. It was sinfully good I had set my standard for the best cheesesteak sandwiches in Manila. After my shift, I took a cab home and got home early but not without grabbing a Magnum Ice Cream Bar at 7-11 near our place. My wife was still awake when I got home, I kissed her goodnight before going to bed.

Wednesday: Got up early again and took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. I left home at past 1:00pm as I went online and do other things. I took the bus to Digiprint at Times Plaza in UN Ave to have my baby's invites printed. Somehow, I liked the print so I left to go to work. For whatever reason, I stopped by Archer's Nook to try a burger at Zark's. When I got in, I had a Jaw Breaker which was really good and filling at the same time. Then I hurried off and took the next 2 buses to work which I got there at past 4:00pm (2 hours late XD). Good thing I got company which helped me somehow plus the food I ate at Zark's earlier kept me full for the entire shift. At the end of my shift, that's the time I had dinner but I'm not hungry at that point XD. When I got home, I felt so tired I slept through right away.

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am with a left foot that I could barely walk. Migmig and I went down and put her on the walker as she walks to and from our living room. My mom arrived a few minutes later looking forward to seeing her apo once more. She stayed for a few minutes which I was able to do other things quickly despite being unable to walk straight again. By the time she left, Migmig and I went to Mc Donald's to have breakfast for the nth time. Then we went back home and her mom was already awake and prepared our baby's bath. After giving her bath, I put her to bed and I fell asleep as well. When I got up, I had a feeling that I'm too lazy to report for work but not until my colleague texted me that I'll be alone in my shift today XD. With that predicament, I had to get ready. First, I went back to Digiprint to have my invites printed again. Then I had my late lunch at Rack's and I got their Blue Plate again. By 4:00pm, I'm at the office ready for work. But I'm all alone with my boss so it made my shift pretty much interesting. By dinner, I went to Cheesesteak Burger and Drinks to try their cheese steak sandwich. It tasted good but not as good as The Cheese Steak Shop's version (now I'm beginning to get more biased) XD. After shift, I went straight home again to get that much needed rest. XD

Friday: Got up at 6:45am still feeling a bit sleepy. Migmig's mommy has been cleaning poo that spilled from her diaper (I wonder why?) that made me get up and took our daughter down after changing her clothes and diapers. We went out for some fun in the sun and got back home after a couple of minutes. Then we went to my wife's sisters's room so Migmig could play. Little did I know she fell asleep and so am I at 8:00am. By 10:00am, both of us were awake (wrong move for me). My wife gave her a bath and we went back to our room this time to kill time. by 11:30am, both of us felt asleep again. My wife tried waking me up to get ready for work but I am too sleepy to get-up. I didn't notice the time and we got up at 1:30pm. We slept for 4 hours and I haven't even been to work. I quickly got ready for work and left home by 2:00pm. I had a quick lunch at Food Extreme before taking the LRT2-MRT and reaching the office a few minutes before 4:00pm. For the 4th day, I got to work late, and I tied an old record in the same office XD. I got to work some tickets right away before I got a call that needs to be escalated. By 7:50pm, I went out to have dinner at Chicboy and guess what I had for dinner? XD. Then I just killed some time and answered some queries through chat and email. All of a sudden, I felt dizzy that probably my sisig dinner was the culprit, but anyway, I enjoyed it still. XD. By the end of my shift, I took a cab home and got to bed a little bit early. 

Saturday: Got up early again to do some extra daddy work (taking Migmig out for some sun before having breakfast at Mc Donalds). Then after she took her bath, I got myself ready not for work but to go to Quirino Grandstand to attend the 10th Aliwan Fiesta 2012 (I'll create a post for this). By the time I got there, the weather was hot but still I have my spirits high to outdo my last Aliwan attendance. I ended shooting at past 6:00pm and head off to Makati to have dinner there.Unfortunately, food choices was jam-packed so I head out elsewhere. But the problem was I'm having difficulty walking because of jock-itch again (ouch!). I ended up at The Cheese Steak Shop and grab my 10-inch sandwich. Then I went to the office to upload some of my shots. I think I could do a teaser album as I had to do some editing before posting my official sets. By 11:30pm, I took a cab heading home.

Sorry for posting this late as my mind has been clouded with a lot of things lately. XD

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