Thursday, April 19

KONY 2012: WITW is that?

Taken from Google

I've been seeing this throughout the clouds (internet) and I was kinda curious what they are talking about or what are they fighting for. Anyway, I searched for local blogs about this KONY 2012 and what its fighting for.

Anyway, here is the video that has been spreading like wildfire. If you won't be able to watch it here. you could watch it on youtube. This video is done by Jason Russel to raise and support awareness for the arrest of LRA (Lord Resistance Army) leader Joseph Kony.

Tomorrow, make him famous by posting on your page (facebook, twitter, any social media application applicable) and let the whole world know what he has done to innocent people.

You may check some more information here and here (I won't bore you much with information here).

Lets hope that he would be arrested before December 31, 2012. Make him famous so we could unseat him from power.

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