Friday, April 20

Swabeng Food Trip: Wifey's treat at The Frazzled Cook

Last Sunday, I told my wife that we will be having late lunch somewhere as my treat to her. I told her we will have it at The Frazzled Cook but I don't know if she would like it or not.

As we took a cab going there, I couldn't remember the nearest landmark as to where its exactly located. Even my wife got upset about it as the only thing I have was a map (and a strong sense of direction). Good thing I was able to determine how to get there as quickly as possible and before we know it we were already in front of the resto.

When we got inside, I looked for the best possible spot with a very good natural lighting so I could take food shots without much problems. Furnitures were mismatched but it was more pleasing to the eye that it hurts. Though I noticed some posters with Chinese characters on it.

I handed to them 3 cashcash pinoy vouchers (worth of 1800 pesos) to one of the attendants and I told them we were waiting for our other companion. My wife and daughter was already seated waiting for the food to arrive.

While waiting for our food, they already served us a pitcher of their famous Homemade Iced Tea (250 pesos). Don't let the look of the pitcher deceive you as it can fill up several glasses that I thought it has no bottom XD. And the tea was refreshing too, my daughter seems to enjoy it very much XD

To start with,I ordered two soups. The first was Asparagus Soup with Pecorino Romano Custard (160 pesos) and Potato and Basil Chowder with Prosciutto (150 pesos). My daughter loved the Potato and Basil Chowder with Prosciutto more than the Asparagus Soup with Pecorino Romano Custard and she almost emptied the entire bowl.

Asparagus Soup with Pecorino Romano Custard

Potato and Basil Chowder with Prosciutto

I don't want to take chances on the salad so next on the table was their famous Herbed Chicken Salad in Basil Vinaigrette (275 pesos). Its a grilled rosemary herbed chicken with the chef’s own vinegrette dressing which was tangy and fruity. The combination of the flavors were good that it could be a meal itself only healthier.

Herbed Chicken Salad in Basil Vinaigrette

A closer look at their salad XD

Knowing my wife as a pasta lover with pesto on it, she had Pasta with Fresh Basil Pesto Sauce (250 pesos). I didn't had much of it as she was able to finish it in no time XD.

Pasta with Fresh Basil Pesto Sauce

Wifey can only touch this XD

Our lunch at The Frazzled Cook won't be complete without their famous Wagyu Salpicao (510 pesos) on the plate. They were soft and tender plus the amount of roasted garlic included was generous as well. Though they could have done a better preparation on the dish itself as most foodies would really rave about it.

Wagyu Salpicao

This is what makes TFC famous. Swabeh! XD

Then I got Tenderloin Nuggets with Mashed Potato in Flat Bed (350 pesos) for me. Its a meat-lover's delight with tenderloin beef with button mushrooms on top of mashed potatoes in flat bread. I should have eaten this first over the wagyu salpicao for me to notice the difference between the two.

Tenderloin Nuggets with Mashed Potato in Flat Bed

Again, a closer look of Tenderloin Nuggets with Mashed Potato in Flat Bed

And to cap-off our long stay, I had Pancake Ala Mode (180 pesos) all for myself. My wife was already at her limit when this was served and she didn't like the idea of having her pancakes with burnt sides (I like mine with burnt sides).

Pancake Ala Mode

After our late lunch, I took some more interesting pictures of the place and how homey it is. How I wish I could live there so my creativity gets going as always. I just hope next time we don't get lost going there.

I'd be definitely go back there next year. Probably to celebrate my birthday there. XD Anyway here some more pictures that I took. Enjoy. XD

Well, whenever we eat outside, I pay unless its free =P


  1. Wow! The place looks really interesting. It's simple like a house. The food is so tempting. Nice treat from your wife. Cute baby too! :)

  2. sometimes if a restaurant has a disorganized settings, it interests me. as regards with the food, it is really affordable most especially the salad and the tenderloin nuggets. since we do not have the direction, i will google it up. :)

  3. The soups really looked good! indeed the ambiance is nice.. looks like a restaurant my family can enjoy..

  4. where is this located? the place looks so homey, it feels like eating on a friend's house

  5. How's the food? I think I saw this restaurant somewhere in Madaloyung if I'm not mistaken.

  6. I actually love the look of the resto. It's like a resto somewhere in Europe. And got to love the Pancaka ala mode! :D

  7. Did I miss the price of the foods? I would to eat that tenderloin nuggets with mashed potato. How much is per order of that luscious food?

  8. the food here looks heavenly. i want to try wagyu salpicao and pancakes

  9. the presentation of beef salpicao doesn't look attractive, but at least they make up for the taste of it, that's the most important.

  10. wow!the place looks like im just eating in my own place!my firstborn and i love sparagus soup!

  11. Hi Kuya Swabeh! My stomach is growling right now after reading your post! Haha =)

  12. I like the ambiance. It looks very homey up there. In fairness you ordered a lot of food. It makes me hungry now.


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