Thursday, April 19

Events to go this weekend

Don't know where to go again this coming weekend? I have some event you may want to visit. 

1. 21st Transport Show at SM Megamall: I'm sure I'll be here tomorrow as I filed my leave for this. Though I'll be gambling to go there on a Friday, I could check if I would enjoy the view of the cars (and models) as well. I would go solo here (just like for the past few carshows) but I may bump into some of my photographer friends as well XD.

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2. E-Domination 6 at World Trade Center: I've been there only once and I wanted to go back. I'm not sure if I could go there but there's no harm in trying perhaps. This would be for games, anime lovers and enthusiasts like me to check it out.

Taken from Google

So there, two events to choose from over the weekend. Maybe you have another event that you could suggest to me to perhaps visit. ^_^

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  1. Even though i could suggest you can't attend because i'm too far! haha well for sure you enjoyed your weekend! :)


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