Thursday, April 5

Getting Ready for Next Year's Visita Iglesia

I have a few hours left before our family and my in-laws would depart tonight for Bacnotan, La Union to spend the Holy Week there. My initial plan was to do a visita iglesia before joining them but I wasn't able to do it again.

I recall, after finishing half of it in 2010 and being unable to do it last year (since my wife gave birth last year), I was keen on doing it today but I felt, I'm not 100% ready to do it. My left foot is a bit swollen again plus I had to attend some duties on taking care of Migmig.

But I know next year, I would be ready as I purchased a booklet on "The Station of the Cross" plus a friend of mine from facebook shared his route for his visita iglesia. The route he shared is a doable one but I just had to make some revisions on the route so it would be perfect for me.

Only time will tell if I could do it (and have one of my bucket list fulfilled) or maybe do it the next time. Only God knows and I hope next year, I could do it. ^_^

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  1. I agree! We haven't did this yesterday! Maybe next year and yes only God knows! :)


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